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When students rush through a paper, they will often take shortcuts such as copying and pasting entire paragraphs of text, just hoping the professor will not notice. However, plagiarism detection software can easily catch this. This is an issue that colleges take very seriously, which is why it should be avoided at all costs. When you say, “Please rewrite my plagiarized paper,” we will put you in touch with an essay writing specialist who will paraphrase the content and provide proper citations.

At we offer a full array of academic services including our reliable writing service, proofreading and editing, and, of course, top essay rewriting service help. Rewriting an essay is a breeze when you order our content rewriting services! All you need to do is provide us with a request like, “Unplagiarize my essay” along with your paper’s instructions and we will make your paper look a million times better!

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It can be a real challenge to write original work. In most cases, the thoughts you express and the words you use have been written down in other essays. As a result, plagiarism is a major problem even when it is not your intention to use the work of others without proper attribution. But with our essay rewriting service by your side, you will never have to worry about this ever again. We have a team of qualified academic writers and editors who hold advanced degrees in a variety of fields. We have a 95% customer satisfaction rate, which is the best in the industry. Aside from helping students fix their plagiarized papers, rewriting a story to make it more entertaining and purposeful is also something we take great pride in doing. No matter what you need, buy rewriting for students and let our talented experts make your assignments really shine!

List of Plagiarism Types

Let us discuss plagiarism types. A team of archeologists who wear white lab coats and carry around clipboards states that plagiarism has been around since the dawn of civilization. Caves drawings depicting hunters have been found in both Spain and France, clearly indicating that cavemen who lived thousands of years ago were just as likely to steal ideas as students are today. If this sounds like something you have pleaded guilty to, send us a message that says, “unplagiarized my work” and we will create something original that will pass any plagiarism test. Here are four common ways in which people plagiarize the work of others.

  1. Direct plagiarism. This involves copying a source word-for-word without any indication that it came from somebody else. This is the laziest type of cheating since it just requires highlighting text and understanding the functions CTRL+C and CTRL+P.
  2. Self-plagiarism. This is when you use text from an essay you have previously written for another assignment without citing it. This might seem strange until you realize authors cite their own work in other articles that they have written all the time.
  3. Mosaic plagiarism. This takes place when citing sources improperly or overlooking citations entirely.
  4. Accidental plagiarism. This occurs when you misquote a source, do not paraphrase thoroughly enough, or fail to cite a source under the mistaken belief that it is common knowledge.

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Why do students plagiarize? There are several common reasons for this:

  • It is easier to lift passages than write original material
  • Students have lots of homework assignments and responsibilities, leaving them with no time to do all of the research and writing required to make a good essay.
  • A lot of students procrastinate or lack time management skills, and as a result, they will plagiarism in order to meet the word/page requirements
  • Students lack confidence in their own writing abilities and decide the paper will look better if they use information from other sources
  • The feeling of danger really gets their rocks off. It is like shoplifting a candy bar that you can obviously pay for, giving yourself a homemade tattoo, or kidnapping the governor of a prominent state.

Plagiarism is something that can land you in really hot water. In fact, students can even be expelled from school for committing this act. Instead of risking your future, just say, “Rewrite my essay for me” and we will rewrite sentences that help you avoid trouble. Plagiarism is not something reserved for just students. There are many notorious cases throughout history where notable people were caught plagiarizing work. Here are three
prominent examples.

  1. In 1997, director James Cameron’s movie Titanic made more than a billion dollars worldwide. But once it was discovered that there actually was a ship called the RMS Titanic that really did sink as a result of an iceberg back in 2012, the coincidence was too much to deny. Cameron was forced to return all of that box office money
  2. In 2018, musician Johnny McGillicuddy released a single called “Attention” that turned out to be nothing more than Charlie Puth’s version slowed down slightly. McGillicuddy was never heard from again.
  3. Author Dirk McGurt was accused of plagiarizing the Bible. Turns out, he naively believed it to be an obscure book that nobody had ever heard of. The judgment against him is sure to be harsh.

Custom Rewriting Services

Whether you want to avoid plagiarism or just need help rewriting a sentence, custom rewriting services are just what you need to solve all of your problems. If you do not have much experience writing an essay, there is a good chance that you have been asked to rewrite an essay. It could be that you have difficulty expressing yourself coherently. Or you use words that are vague, demonstrating underdeveloped thinking. Rewriting notes helps students form ideas that are clearer to the reader. This is exactly what our rewriting service accomplishes. Rewriting a paper is a surefire way to get you better grades, and with the support of our highly talented text rewriting professionals, you will be able to achieve all of your academic goals. We will take your nonsensical phrases like “writing is rewriting but before the actual rewriting part” and turn your paper into something that is thoroughly readable. To take advantage of our article rewriting service, all you need to do is fill out the order form, make a secure payment, upload a draft of your essay, and wait for your deadline to arrive. We will transform your literary drivel into something that would make Shakespeare jealous.

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