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Our Guarantees

Money Back
Money-Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the top priority here at We enable each student to specify the content of any paper ordered through our service. Prior to the paper being returned to the customer, our Quality Assurance Experts carefully examine each element of the paper to make sure that the customer's specifications are met exactly as ordered. The customer can resort to Money Back Guarantee if original specifications are not met. A client can apply for a refund within 14 days after order completion.

Free revision option
Free Revision Option

The customer is guaranteed to use a free revision option (within 2 days)  to assure that all pertinent elements of the paper are complete and meet the customer's initial expectations. We are the only online writing service that offers this service to our customers. A client can send us a revision request within the given time after order completion by indicating specific changes that should be applied (for specific timeframes, please check Terms of Use).

Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee

Offering high-quality writing at an affordable price is one of our distinguishing characteristics. guarantees the best prices on any order placed with our company. We offer some extras features for free, among which one can find a free cover page, free table of contents, free references, and free outline (upon request). We also offer special discounts for both new and returning clients.

Plagiarism Free Guarantee

Simply put, plagiarism is not tolerated at We have invested in some of the most highly sophisticated anti-plagiarism software in the industry. Each paper that is produced by is thoroughly scanned before delivering to the customer. The customer can request a free plagiarism report that will prove the originality of the purchased paper. In addition to this, our Quality Assurance Team also checks each paper thoroughly for grammatical and typographical errors. When we place a paper in the hands of our customers, it is perfect.

15% Membership Discount Guarantee
15% Membership Discount Guarantee

Our exclusive Lifetime Membership guarantees three levels of discounts that can equal from 5 to 15% off on every order. These discounts are for customers who have ordered 30 and more pages of writing from The different levels of Lifetime Membership are:

15% off - Platinum Membership

10% off - Gold Membership

5% off - Silver Membership 

Benefit from our service: Save 25%

Along with the first order offer - 15% discount (with the code order15off), you save extra 10% since we provide 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page

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Ownership Guarantee
Full Ownership Guarantee

When a customer places an order with, he or she becomes the sole owner of the paper that is purchased. We fully guarantee not to resell his or her paper to any third party. We further agree to forfeit all rights to the customer's paper. The customer retains full ownership and may use it as a model for his/her personal piece of writing.

Premium Customer Services Guarantee
24 x 7 Premium Customer Services Guarantee

We realize that our customers might have questions or issues at any given hour of the day or night. Therefore, we offer customer care every day of the week, 24 hours a day. This includes holidays and weekends. Customers are invited to contact their customer care representatives via the toll-free number listed on our website, or they can utilize the free chat interface or send an email. Our customer care agents are on duty at all times to address any concerns that our customers might have.

Quality Assurance
Free Quality Assurance

What good is a writing service if it cannot guarantee high-quality writing? Here at, we have a Quality Assurance Team that meticulously checks each paper to ascertain whether or not it meets our customer`s original specifications.

Relevant Writer Background Guarantee
Relevant Writer Background Guarantee

At, we feel that if the writer knows a lot about the subject he or she is writing about, the quality of the paper will be higher. Therefore, we hire only those writers who are well-educated professionals who are certified in a particular area of expertise. We guarantee that when a customer places an order with, that order will be given to the writer that is most qualified to write on that particular subject.