Progressive Delivery

The customers of our company can order a unique progressive delivery service which enables them to manage complex and large papers (more than 10 single-spaced or 20 double-spaced pages).

Valuable Advantages:

  • They can receive parts of the paper (drafts) throughout the whole writing process, track the writing, and approve or disapprove certain parts up to the moment of the final deadline. 
  • They can request for a free revision of the paper in the course of 30 days as contrasted with 2 days for a regular paper.
  • They get one of the best writers assigned along with the most skillful editor assigned to the paper.
  • They are sure that the paper will be completed without any delay as a personal manager supervises the whole process and ensures the efficiency of communication between the client and the writer.

How does the customer get the drafts?*:

  • if the order has a 4-day urgency or less, the customer receives one draft in the middle of the time allowed (for instance, placing a 2-day order, the customer can expect getting a draft in 1 day). In this case, the draft will make up to 25% of the paper (for instance, a 20-page order implies sending a 5-page draft); 
  • if the order has an urgency from 5 to 11 days, the customer receives two drafts when 25% and 50% of the initial deadline is gone. Correspondently, the drafts will comprise 25% and 50% of the total paper word count;
  • if the order has an urgency of 12 days or more, the customer receives three drafts when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the initial deadline is gone. Correspondently, the drafts will comprise 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total paper word count.

The cost is only extra 15% to the price of the order.

*Provided that the customer needs to change the approach to the ordered paper, it is recommendable to develop a specific customized plan on the basis of individual views and peculiar features of the order. Then, everything should be discussed with the order manager.

Extra Services for Orders under 20 Pages

1-Page Summary
Those customers who require a report regarding the research will benefit from an extra service of getting a summary of the whole paper. They can also improve their understanding of the main ideas while reading a concise 1-page summary.

Paper Draft
A 1-page draft equals a 300-word part of a double-spaced paper or a 600-word part of a single-spaced paper and is delivered to the customer after the expiry of 50 percent of the order deadline. Thus, a draft is sent in 2 days if the order has a 4-day urgency.

Extended Revision

Free revision is guaranteed for each paper you order if you send a relevant request within 48 hours after the paper is delivered. You can prolong the revision timeframe up to 2 weeks (14 days) if you make use of an extended revision service.

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