Short Story Writing Prompts

Short Story Writing Prompts October 25, 2016

Specific experiences, incidences, or imaginations give the ideas for writing a short story. Many a time, writers run out of these sources of inspiration while feeling themselves exhausted. If you are one of these writers who need some fresh and bright ideas and your deadline is running out, the below story writing prompts will surely help you. Additionally, if you are being tormented by the blank Microsoft Word document “staring” at you because you have a writing block or undergo a creative slowdown, our prompts for short stories and the list of ideas will come in handy for you....

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Health and Fitness Tips for College Students

health and fitness tips for college students October 17, 2016

When freshmen say goodbye to their loved ones and hello to their colleges and new roommates, their lifestyle changes cardinally: difficult classes, shared rooms, parties, etc. Numerous distractions, newfound freedoms and slowing metabolism are reasons for which many students become less healthy and perhaps gain their weight. Due to regular exercises and healthy food, you can stay fit easily. Below, you will find several tips to do this. Creating a Schedule as One Way of Staying Fit in College Make a fitness plan at the beginning of your academic year. Do not just think abo...

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Best TV Series to Watch at Home

Best TV Series to Watch at Home October 11, 2016

The most effective way of entertainment within a dull day with even more gloomy mood is to watch a comedy serial. Who does not know past top comedy movies “Friends” or “Sex in the City.” I bet on that once they improved sad days and even weeks for everyone on the Earth. Unfortunately, their era finished in 2004 for “Friends” and in 2006 for “Sex in the City” with the last episodes. Funny, reality-close short episodes are not forgotten today, but there should be something new worth watching. I have found 3 top comedy movies for you. Catch them!...

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10 Ways to Get Good Grades

ways to get good grades October 04, 2016

Why Do You Keep Up Getting Bad Grades? Have you ever wondered what stands in your way towards getting good grades? Well, especially if you devoted much time and effort to studying but still without any success. In this article, I will present you some reasons why it happens. If you recognize any of them, then it’s high time to change your approach towards studying. So, what are the ways to get good grades? Always study beforehand Time management is a really powerful tool if you want to improve your grades and generally achieve suc...

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Advice for College Freshmen 10 Tips

Advice for College Freshmen September 28, 2016

Freshman year is a challenging and scary period in students’ life. Here are some pieces of advice on how to avoid making a fool out of yourself during the freshman year. Freshman Survival Guide Call your parents and close friends Your parents will be worried about you, so don’t forget to call them regularly. If you have school-related problems or you don’t know how to settle your high school relationships, your best friends and parents will help you to find the way, so call them whenever you need it ...

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