10 Ways to Get Good Grades

ways to get good grades October 04, 2016

Why Do You Keep Up Getting Bad Grades? Have you ever wondered what stands in your way towards getting good grades? Well, especially if you devoted much time and effort to studying but still without any success. In this article, I will present you some reasons why it happens. If you recognize any of them, then it’s high time to change your approach towards studying. So, what are the ways to get good grades? Always study beforehand Time management is a really powerful tool if you want to improve your grades and generally achieve suc...

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Advice for College Freshmen 10 Tips

Advice for College Freshmen September 28, 2016

Freshman year is a challenging and scary period in students’ life. Here are some pieces of advice on how to avoid making a fool out of yourself during the freshman year. Freshman Survival Guide Call your parents and close friends Your parents will be worried about you, so don’t forget to call them regularly. If you have school-related problems or you don’t know how to settle your high school relationships, your best friends and parents will help you to find the way, so call them whenever you need it ...

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Time Management for Students

make a study plan for finals September 27, 2016

Sometimes, studying in college is very stressful and exhausting, especially when exams and difficult assignments are approaching. However, if you use some tips to organize your time, you will have at least eight hours of sleep every night during the whole semester. You can create a kind of schedule and stick it, and you will keep your life balanced. Here are some time management tips. Study Tips for Finals Always Plan Ahead If you are having exams in the nearest future, rethink your social schedule to have time for it all. For example, right now, I am preparing f...

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How Does the College Admission Process Go?

College Admission Process September 20, 2016

Some time ago, I used to work with admissions officers and now I am going to debunk several misapprehensions and explain what applicants should do to get to college. There definitely is a difference between how you imagine students' applications are evaluated and what actually happens behind the scenes. Applying for College: how Applications are Read The image: A spectacled director of admissions with the beard and gray hair sits in his posh office and unhurriedly reads students' applications. He experiences different emotions while reading all those paper...

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Study Tips for College Students

Study Tips for College Students September 20, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, doing homework and studying are two very dissimilar notions.Homework is just a set of tasks given by the supervisors to be done at home. It is aimed at practicing the new material, strengthening the skills and improving the overall understanding of the topic studied. Studying, in contrast, is the time spent by students on learning the material. It encompasses many activities, ranging from creating flashcards to reading the course book. Productive Ways to Study Unfortunately, in their institutions, students don't get to learn how to study, which ...

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