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How to Write an Effective Technology Education Essay

In the article provided below, you will find ideas on how to write a technical education essay in an original and creative way. Actually, you can use the ideas for technical paper for a variety of subjects and disciplines – even if the topic of your paper is only adjacent to technology. The following post contains paper samples for essay assignments where students need to comment on a quote related to technology essay help.

“Science is a key that opens for humanity the store of nature.”

In the contemporary world, where people have to struggle every day and compete with each other, it becomes evident that general education cannot satisfy people with the basic provision of livelihood. General education is not a thing nowadays that is a privilege. Virtually all men are educated and they need to have some other, more solid advantages to be competitive. The unemployment rate is growing each day and people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their workplace or financial position.


Technical education has become surprisingly popular among students over the past few years. While it was more popular a few decades ago to strive for education in the sphere of services or social sphere, nowadays, young people want to acquire some real technical skills and be able to apply them in life. In students’ opinion, technological education would enable them to move up the career ladder and find good employment opportunities.

The core aim of technical education is to teach students theory and practice of technology and mechanics. To be more precise, students get in-depth knowledge in technological aspects concerning medicine, agriculture, commerce, weaving, carpentry, engineering, computer science, and trade among others. Moreover, solid knowledge gained in the sphere of technology enables students to be more accustomed to the development of machinery. As such, students getting education in technology will become good and skillful technological experts.

“A man who wonders is the seed of science.”

Not all students are lucky to acquire education in the field of technology. For example, technical education is not available in Pakistan. The most widespread education among the Pakistani men is studying to become a clerk. Therefore, people in Pakistan do not have many career options apart from working in an office. All in all, students studying in educational establishments in Pakistan do not like office work and prefer to learn some skills that can be applied in practice. This is the reason for high unemployment rates in the country. Moreover, the grave problem of poverty in the country also stems from neglect of the importance of technical education.

“Science is nothing more but an organized and trained logical sense.”

The affluence and variety of production and the available range of services is required to correspond to and fulfill the needs of the population. Take, for example, pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, insecticides, and other products of mechanized farming that are required in the agricultural sector. Despite the fact that they are popular as a means of fighting insects and stimulating the growth of crops and animals, they severely damage the environment at the same time, namely lead to air and water contamination. As such, although some of the chemical means of preserving crops add up to rich harvest, at the same time, they cause damage to people’s health and the ecosystem.


On the whole, technical education differs from general education in that it provides special knowledge and skills that are needed in certain circumstances. When obtaining technical education, students become acknowledged in specific fields, such as piloting, driving, agriculture, engineering, carpentry, medicine, and others. Students who are obtaining technical education at the moment will be called technicians in the future. 

The availability of technical education in specific countries leads to the overall development of the country and the nation. Technicians are required virtually in any construction and any scope of research. As such, whether one needs to construct a bridge, design a building or a road, build an airport, etc., technician’s help is required. Therefore, if a country provides high-quality technological education, it contributes to its development and prosperity. For a country to be prosperous and developed in different spheres, it is necessary to provide different types of technicians.

It is evident that technical education adds up to the economic development of the nation. If a country can provide for its population’s needs with its own internal resources, the country does not have to pay for the products and services from beyond. On the contrary, if a country does not have the required number of technicians and cannot cater for the population’s needs, it will have to hire specialists from the other countries or buy products or services provided from abroad.

Apart from the aforementioned numerous benefits, technical education also helps to eradicate the aggravating problem of unemployment. If a person has acquired technical education, it is not likely that he/ she will be unemployed. Specialists in technical fields are always needed. In any case, it is easy for these specialists to establish their own business.

Nepal has a bad situation with the provision of technical specialists. The country has to hire them from the other states, thus much money is spent on financial support of technical specialists from abroad. This is a bad situation as many citizens of Nepal are unemployed as they do not have the required technical skills and in-depth knowledge. If the citizens of Nepal are provided with an opportunity to acquire technical education, they will be able to find a job in their home country and also contribute to the country’s economic development. If a country wants to have a prosperous nation and wants to eradicate the growing problem of unemployment, its government should contribute to the development and popularization of technical education.

Essay on the Important Role of Technical Education

When you have obtained technical education or some of its core principles, it means that you can apply the theory in practice and be involved in some technical work. Precisely, you can be involved in handicraft, engineering or trade professions. In Pakistan, the importance of providing opportunities for students in getting technical education is significant since the country suffers from the high level of unemployment. 80% of the country’s employed population works in the agricultural sector, whereas the other 20% are involved in industrial area. As such, there is a growing need to develop technical sector. Technical education cannot be ignored.


In the modern era of technological advancement, it is essential to catch up with the development of technical area. Therefore, it is vital for Pakistan to gradually keep up with the other countries that are leaders in the realm of technology. The first step is to improve the process of education.

That’s a shame that many countries do not know how to make a living even though they are well aware of how to live. People spend days and weeks on learning history, philosophy, and psychology although they do not know how to cope with basic routine things encountered every day. Adequate training and practical skills are what modern people need to better survive in the world.

There is a saying that people can earn their livelihood by stealing, begging, and working. If you do not want to be involved in the first two activities, then the only way out is to learn practical skills that can always come in handy in whatever life situation. Even stealers and beggars are responsible for their way of life. It is essential to teach people from early childhood how to cope with trade, mechanism, handicraft, industry, and other technical professions.

Pros of Technical Education

There exist numerous advantages to obtaining technical education. According to the latest studies and estimates, technical education is what can solve the modern problem of unemployment. Quality technical education can provide a country with a poor of well-trained workers who can work in a variety of spheres. With the help of technical education, people will be able to support themselves financially and provide quality livelihood. One of the reasons why Pakistan is a poor country is because it failed to provide its population with an opportunity to acquire technical education.

Cons of Technical Education

Along with the numerous advantages, there are also disadvantages that technical education has. It is important to balance technical and literary education as the latter can open up more aspirations of life and reveal some new philosophies and modes of thinking. A personality can harmoniously develop only when all aspects of life are well-balanced. If students are only granted access to technical education, they will not learn about ethical and moral values, as well as life’s virtues and vices.

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Summarizing the information presented above, it is worth mentioning that technic education should be given more focus particularly in countries with high rates of unemployment. Ideally, it is essential to maintain a balance between literary and technical education so that students do not only learn about some philosophical concepts, psychology, and morality but are also well-versed in practical implications of necessary technical skills.

February 19, 2019