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How to Write a Nursing Case Study: Top Tips for Writing 

If you are looking for information on how to write a nursing case study, you must be stuck. You have selected a noble mission to become a nurse in the future and intend to help people. However, at the stage of studying, you may be puzzled and want some assistance too. Many students seek nursing case study help. Check the article below. Much information you need is provided right here.

Nursing students usually work much to get their degrees. It is not a surprise that you may be exhausted and require nursing assignment help. Find useful tips on how to write a paper or contact our agents for professional assistance if you are not ready to complete the task yourself.

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What Is a Case Study in Nursing?

A case study for nursing students is a formal academic paper where a patient and their healthcare problem are presented and discussed in detail. Writing a case study, you need to present the case, analyze the situation, and develop treatment recommendations with the further assessment of effectiveness of your strategy. This type of writing allows analyzing the treatment strategy and seeking better solutions for care provision. Check how to write a nursing case study below.

Nursing Case Study Format

You will have a better understanding of how to write a nursing case study if you start with the analysis of paper structure. When you know what to include in your paper, you can properly structure and format it. Check a correct nursing case study format below; however, always remember that your professor may ask for a different format. That is why always refer to your college instructions.

  • Abstract

An abstract is always written on a separate sheet of paper after the table of contents (if you include it) and before the paper. It should cover the main idea of the entire paper. One should get the whole picture of your piece of writing having read this paragraph of 150-250 words. It is better to write the abstract after the paper is complete.

  • Introduction

An introduction is a paragraph where you familiarize the audience with the idea of your paper. You may introduce a health problem, present the background data, and explain how essential the problem is. Clearly state the purpose of the paper and goals you wish to achieve. You may need to include a thesis statement in the introduction to make your position clear. The introduction may consist of one or several paragraphs depending on the length of the paper. 


  • Case Presentation

Introduce a patient and the problem they are facing. Describe all the medical data and lifestyle the patient leads. This section should cover what you know about the patient and their situation at the moment. Discuss symptoms, complaints, and possible diagnoses. Also, consider the tests you plan to conduct and other examination strategies to confirm the diagnosis.

  • Management and Outcome

Here, you discuss the treatment plan and procedures applied to ensure the patient’s recovery. You need to indicate the actions taken to treat the patient and outcomes received. You have to note any adverse effects that occurred and successful outcomes of treatment.

  • Discussion

Check the previous two sections one more time and discuss your findings. Think about whether your decisions and conclusions were appropriate. Answer the following questions. How successful was the treatment? Did the patient manage to fulfill all your recommendations? This is an important part where you have to support your practical decisions and implementations with evidence from different sources.

  • Acknowledgments

Acknowledge the assistance of people who supported you while you were working on this paper.

  • References

Like any paper, a case study should have a reference page and in-text citations. Format the reference page as requested in your instructions. You need to include all books, journal articles, and web pages you have used while writing the paper.

  • Legends

Remember to explain tables, figures, and other visual materials you use in a case study.

  • Permissions

You need to ensure that the patient discussed in the case study provides their permission to analyze their case. Remember to be confidential regarding the patient’s identity.


How to Write a Nursing Case Study Paper

If you have difficulties in writing a nursing case study essay, you need some professional advice on what to do. Check some expert ideas of how to write and get inspired to write your paper. First, you need to define the scope and theme of the case. Indicate a problem you are going to study, define a patient, and start the work.

The initial assessment is essential:

  • Assess the patient covering the basic medical examination and asking all major questions about their problem and past treatment if any
  • Check the patient’s history and indicate any previously confirmed diagnoses
  • Define the goal of the care
  • Develop a healthcare plan
  • List nursing interventions and procedures
  • Determine expected outcomes

This information is extremely helpful for case study writing. Once you have it in front of you, it will be easier to develop the paper. The four sections presented below are the core of your case study. Pay attention to them to be able to complete your writing successfully.

1. Status of the Patient

Collect all the data concerning the patient you can. Interview the patient asking their age, height, weight, chronic diseases if any. You should know the history of the disease development, major diseases of family members, and treatment strategies currently applied. You have to make a note of all current complaints of the patient, symptoms, and personal concerns. Ask the patient to explain their condition in detail.

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2. Nursing Assessment

After all the available information is collected, you will have to assess it. Apply critical and analytical thinking combined with your knowledge and list differential diagnosis along with the reasons why you think this is a possible diagnosis. Next, check the list, choose the most appropriate diagnosis and provide a detailed explanation of why this is a cause of the problem. Make sure that you have covered all the points from the patient’s history of the disease. You will have to develop a treatment plan based on this information. 

3. Recommendations/Solutions

Develop a treatment plan and/or recommend any further examination to confirm the diagnosis. Your recommendations should cover different aspects of the diagnosis and patient actions. Describe treatment options including medication and non-medical strategies. You need to recommend what to eat and what lifestyle to adopt. Do not limit your recommendations to medical prescriptions only.

4. Implementation

This stage requires you to check how the patient follows your recommendations and what changes they notice in their conditions if any. Moreover, this stage may also include a follow-up assessment with the comparative analysis of what has changed after the initial examination.

Topics for Nursing Case Study Project 

If you do not know what topics to choose for your nursing case study assignment, check some ideas below. 

Choosing an appropriate topic may take some time as you may wish to select the best one. You will have to conduct research and pay attention to the ideas that interest you but that still require some efforts of you. Check some case study topics in nursing below:

  1. How to treat stress and overload: The effectiveness of medical and non-medical strategies
  2. Innovative pet therapy options
  3. Contemporary non-medication pain management strategies
  4. Effectiveness and pitfalls of nursing classification
  5. Professional path from a nurse to a physician
  6. The prevalence and effectiveness of asthma management in educational institutions
  7. Causes and effective treatment strategies of sleep disorder
  8. The reasons for different approaches to treatment and the role of therapists and nurses in the establishment of treatment strategies
  9. Nursing uniform code and its role in the healthcare facilities
  10. The role of leadership skills in nursing performance and treatment strategies development

Each of the ideas provided above is an opportunity for you to choose a topic you like or to get the idea of what you may speak about in your case study. 

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