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The Best Jobs for College Students

It is a well-known fact that students are not the wealthiest people in the world. On the contrary, most of them often lack cash for their personal needs. The cost of education is quite high and spending extra money is not always possible. For this reason, many students look for a job during studying.

There are different jobs for college students but not all of them may perfectly align with college schedules. In addition, some jobs require full-time employment, while others may not be well-paid. Not all employers offer flexible working conditions to their employees, which is not very convenient, especially when you are a student.

Still, a great percentage of students manage to combine work with education quite successfully. It is caused by the fact that there are jobs that allow students both to earn some extra money and study at the same time. Finding a job like this is beneficial, as it opens new financial possibilities for students without harming their educational process.

Our article will provide you with a list of the best jobs for college students. It is a good opportunity for a student to find a job to a personal liking without spending much time on the search. Our list of 25 jobs will provide you with insights into jobs that offer different options for students, including night working hours, flexible schedules, online tasks, etc. Any of the jobs listed below offers a possibility to a student to earn some money to help keep afloat during studying years.

1. An employee in the dining hall

Even though this job is not the most exciting and interesting, it is a good example of one of the part-time jobs for students that is easy to get and that offers a flexible working schedule.

You can get this job in your institution by simply searching for job opportunities at the institution's website. The benefit of such a job is that you can, first, choose any position that fits you well (for example, dishwasher, cleaner, pizza chef, etc.), and, second, such work is always aligned with your class schedule so you can freely attend classes and work when you have free time.

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The other benefits of this work are that the employees are always required in dining halls, you will not need to have any experience to perform your functions, the training does not take much time (few hours only), and the work is not difficult to do.

The expected hourly salary: 8 to 15 USD.

2. Barista

Another example of part-time jobs for college students is on-campus barista. It is a good position if you are a coffee lover and if you like communicating with people. Your duties will consist of making coffee drinks for your fellow students and professors who come by during a day. Many colleges gladly hire their students for this job and it is not only a good opportunity to earn money bit also to meet new people, make new friends, and get acquainted with college professors.

Considering that this position is on-campus, your schedule will be considered so you could attend classes without problems. This job will employ you with both valuable working and communication skills.

You can apply for it on your college website. Usually, there is no experience required for this job, but it is welcomed. The training will take longer than a few hours, as it may be difficult at first to learn the process and the receipts for some drinks. The only problems with getting this job is that many students are eager to get the position and there may be a waitlist.

The expected hourly salary: 8 to 15 USD.

3. Usher

If you are attending a bit university, it is most likely that the position of usher will be available there. This job presupposes checking tickets and helping people find their seats during different events, including sport games, lectures, concerts, etc.

Considering that it is campus work, the best way to apply for it is on the university website. The position does not require much skills and the biggest benefit of working as an usher is a possibility to visit the events for free.

However, despite its benefits, this job has one significant drawback. Your working hours will depend on the time the event takes place and you will not be able to attend classes if you have them at the same time. Nevertheless, taking into account that big events happen very often at educational establishments, you can choose those events that do not interfere with your class schedule. Besides, you should be ready to work late hours and on weekends.

The expected hourly salary: 8 to 15 USD.

4. Babysitter

Even though babysitting is a very responsible and not very steady job, it is high paying though. If you like spending time with kids and if you do not mind watching cartoons or playing games for kids, this position may be just for you.

If you want to earn money by babysitting, you will have to find multiple clients and prove yourself to be a reliable person. In other case, you will not be able to earn much by babysitting once in a while. So, even though this job may be financially attractive, be ready to put efforts in looking for clients, which may be time-consuming.

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You should start looking on the web. Besides, you can ask around and let your friends know that you are ready to work as a babysitter. Eventually, someone will contact you. In addition, you can check bulletin boards for respective offers. The other way to find a job like this is to visit a particular web portal that offers babysitting jobs in a particular community.

The expected hourly salary: 10 to 35 USD

5. Library assistant

If you prefer quiet classroom jobs for students, the position of library assistant is for you. The library is usually a busy place during studying hours and that is why many colleges and universities hire students to assist with routine daily tasks. Some of the operations you may be required to perform include finding books, organizing books, cleaning, etc.

Once again, being a campus work, the information about it can be easily found on the college website. The job is especially beneficial for students who like studying as they will not only fit their class schedule with the work one but will also get a possibility to study even during working hours by reading some books and other materials necessary for a particular subject.

The expected hourly salary: 8 to 15 USD

6. Paid intern

There are many jobs for graduated students that can help pay their bills. However, paid internship is more beneficial because it also helps students get valuable experience in the field of interest and receive better employment opportunities after graduation.

It is almost impossible to find an internship that will fit your class schedule. However, considering the number of benefits it gives for students in the future, it is recommended to get it. If you are thinking about some particular company, you should look for internship programs at its website. If you do not know where to start and what company to apply to, you should check different search engines available online to help you with it.

The expected hourly salary: 8 to 25 USD

7. Dog walker

If you love pats and need extra money, you can combine your two passions in one job: dog walker. Different online platforms offer on-demand employment that can easily fit any schedule. Besides, if you offer the services of a pet sitter, you can earn much more than a dog walker. Interesting fact is that your salary in this field can be quite high if you have experience of working with non-traditional animals, such as, for example, reptiles, etc.

The expected hourly salary: 14 to 17 USD

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8. Brand ambassador

Many organizations look for attractive young people to advertise their brands. You may apply for some organization, sport team, food company, nigh club, etc. to work as an ambassador. Your duties will be to make the public familiar with a specific brand or product. Normally, this work needs to be done in the evenings and on weekend, so it must not interfere with studying process.

The expected hourly salary: approx. 17 USD

9. Tour guide

You may be working as tour guide not only on campus but also for other companies providing city tours. Anyone may apply for the job but it will be of particular interest for students in arts, history, etc. whose passion is storytelling, learning new facts about some places and event, and sharing this information with others. Moreover, in addition to salary, tour guides also receive tips from the tourists at the end of the tour.

The expected hourly salary: 13 USD

10. Fitness trainer

It is clear that the fitness trainer position is a job not for everyone. Still, good trainers are always demanded by gyms. So, if you have experience in training, or if you do sports, you can easily apply for a position. Besides, if you major in physical therapy, dancing, etc., this job is exactly what you need.

The expected hourly salary: approx. 19 USD


The Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2021

At times of pandemic many students and people around the globe were forced to leave their part-time jobs. However, the situation had a positive side for many of them, as they turned to work online. It is much safer in the current conditions and helps students earn extra money to pay their bills. Nowadays, working online has become popular among different people and especially among students. Working online is beneficial for many reasons. Some of them include the possibility to stay at home and avoid contact with other people, earn some money by doing brainwork instead of hard physical work, save time for going to and coming back from work, etc. In addition, work online is, as a rule, more flexible and can be easily aligned with class schedule. Still, while looking for a job online, it is recommended to pay attention to the number of issues that can be critical for the proper performance of the assigned duties. Things to consider include:

  • You should first realize whether you can work from the dorm if you live there. It is important because for work online you will need a stable internet connection and a computer or a laptop. Besides, you will also need to ensure that your roommates will not prevent you from working effectively. If you need time alone to work more productively, you should consider changing the working environment and go to the library or coffee shop. Even though you work online, you should treat your work seriously and responsibly.
  • What are your needs? Even though you feel like you can earn much by taking extra work it is not always an option. You should remember that you work to cover some expenses and it is not your main job. Your task at college is to study to get better employment opportunities in the future. For this reason, you should set earning goals and follow them strictly. Such an approach will help you properly combine your work with studying.
  • Do not forget about your schedule. Studying should always be a top priority. Consequently, all your time outside college is the time you have for yourself. This time should be properly managed so you could be able to work and have some rest. Working online offers students relatively free schedule, so you should dedicate the exact amount of time for work to cover your earning goal. In such way, you will be able to plan your day and realize how much you can earn per hour/day/week without compromising your education.
  • What tasks to take? Online work offers numerous tasks. It does not mean you should apply for all of them. First of all, you should think about what you like and what you are good at. It will help you choose those tasks that can be done easily. Besides, you will be able to finish them faster, which means taking more job and earning more. In addition, working in the area of your interest will help you get valuable experience that can be useful in your future work after graduation.

So, here is the list you can use to find online jobs for college students to earn money:

Freelance writer

It is a good online job for students majoring in English or journalism. However, you can do this job just if you have proper writing skills and love doing it. There are plenty of website that offer writing job for freelance students. You should find an area of interest and give it a try.


This job is a good choice for many reasons. First of all, it offers flexibility, which is extremely important for students. If you take a job like this, you receive your deadline and you are free to manage your time to your liking. You can choose yourself when to work and for how long. In addition, you can later indicate in your resume that you did a job like this. Good writing and communication skills are valued by many companies. So, this job will not only help you earn money but also receive better employment opportunities after graduation.

The expected salary: 15 to 75 USD depending on the assignment

Social media assistant

Many organizations create accounts on different social media to be closer to their clients. However, running a page in Facebook or Instagram requires time and efforts. As a result, the companies hire young people to do it. Students fit this position to the fullest as they spend lots of time on social media and know-how to make the accounts look attractive.

The expected salary: 16 USD per assignment


Blogging is not only about writing something that other people read. Blogging can actually bring financial benefits. If you have advanced writing skills and you are looking for some employment options beyond freelancing, you should definitely try it. Creative writing is not only interesting thing to do but it can also help you earn stable income. By running a blog and making posts on some relevant topics, the students can earn by affiliate marketing.

This activity is beneficial because it can become a source of passive income. Moreover, blogging does not interfere with other jobs you can have. So, for example, by working as a babysitter and blogging, you can earn a bit more.

Earning extra money is always a good thing, as it can help you remain financially independent.

The expected salary: depends on blogging activity

Participating in surveys

Many companies try to find out about customers’ preferences by running surveys online. Such surveys usually gather information about your experience with the company, what you like or dislike about it or its products and services, etc. What is interesting about such surveys is that you are paid for doing it.

Even though the reward for such surveys is not high (1 to 3 USD per survey), it is one of those easy jobs for college students that can bring you money without any efforts. You can spend a few minutes of your time between lectures to do it. As a result, you will be able to earn some extra money without actually doing anything extraordinary.

Virtual assistant

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in a big corporation, you need to be ready to start with assisting a person holding a higher position. Working as an assistant will help you gain valuable experience and prepare for a senior role.

Still, while you are in college, you can hardly be employed by the big company on a regular basis. However, you can already start working as an assistant. Many companies offer students the ability to assist senior managers with some routine tasks. Considering that, in most cases, this job does not require your physical presence, it is a perfect option for a student. You will be assigned different tasks, such as, looking for some information, preparing some documents, etc.

If you possess advanced organizational skills and are a responsible person, this job is for you. Besides, the attractive salary makes this position a dream part-time job for many students.

The expected hourly salary: 16 USD

Writer of resume

Even though resume writing may seem simple for you, not all people share your opinion. It may be quite difficult for some individuals organize their thought and create a decent resume. If you know how to do this sort of writing, you should definitely try yourself at this position.

You will help people write resumes they want and receive rewards for it. On the same note, you can offer people services of creating LinkedIn profiles, as this platform is widely used by employers for searching potential employees.

The expected hourly salary: 15-25 USD


The task of transcriptionists is to listen to audio recordings and write them down. As simple as it may sound, this job requires a listener to be extremely attentive to details. Advanced typing skills will also be of great importance, as your salary depends on your typing speed.

The expected hourly salary: 15-25 USD

Virtual recruiter

The task of the recruiter is to post job offers online and look for candidates. They should check resumes and make a decision whether a particular person fits the position or not. Moreover, recruiters may conduct interviews via telephone and then inform company manager about the candidates that can be taken a closer look at. Even though earlier recruiters used to work in offices only, now their duties can be performed online.

The expected hourly salary: 20-30 USD

Online influencer

This is one of the best online jobs for college students with no experience. It does not require any particular skills and you can become influences if you are passionate about something and are willing to share your knowledge with others.

It can be done by starting a personal blog, podcast, page on social media. The disadvantage of this job is that it may take much time before you get enough followers but the final result may be worth trying.

You will be able to earn money by offering your services or by advertising products of other bloggers or companies to your audience.

The expected salary: The salary will depend on your audience and the number of followers. Also, it will depend on how active you are on social media. Normally, you can charge up to 10 USD for 1000 followers for one post.

Giving lessons of English as a second language

If you know other languages, you can earn money by offering tutoring services. English is one of the most demanded languages and you can teach it as a second language to people online.

There are many websites that hire people who can teach English. Some of them do not even require you to have license or have a huge experience of working in the field. The expected salary for this type of work is from 12 to 25 USD per hour.

All you will need for this job is Skype, a stable Internet connection, and a quiet place. Due to modern technologies, you can even give lessons while on the go! That is beneficial, especially if you have to move around the city a lot to manage your business.

Photographer for stock websites

It is a good way to make money if you are handy with a camera. There are different platforms for selling photos on the web (e.g., Shutterstock). Making photos and uploading them will not require much of your time and the only things needed for this job are camera and smartphone. If you  to pursue this business model, you do not even need an expensive professional camera. A regular professional-grade camera will do. Besides, you can watch free online channels for photographers to learn some fancy tricks.

If you manage to develop your skills, you can take a next step and offer your services as a photographer for weddings, parties or other events.

It is a good way to earn but the salary will depend on your skills and the number of customers.

Call center worker

This job will require you to make a little investment at the beginning. You will need a headset and VoIP to decline another call while you are working. Prior to getting the job, you should discuss the number of working hours based on your class schedule. Usually, 20 hours per week are required from an employee.

You can apply for a big company or a delivery service to get this position. This job is a good way to improve your skills in the area of customer service.

The expected hourly salary: 15-30 USD

Game tester

Do you like playing games on PC, PS, Xbox or your smartphone? Just imagine that you can earn money by doing it! Isn’t it great? There are some portals and websites where you can earn money by playing games. Well, you will not have to only play it but also review your gaming experience and make comments regarding some things that you like or dislike, some areas that need improvement, etc. In such a way, you provide the developers with valuable information that can help them improve the gameplay.

Academic editing and reviewing

This job is good for those students who have proper writing skills and are able to track mistakes in other students’ works. If it is about you, you can offer your mates to edit and review their papers for some particular fee. It will help you earn some money and improve your writing.

Moreover, you can look for companies that require editors online and make this job a regular part-time job throughout all your academic life.

 will help you both improve your own writing skills and earn additional money.

Affiliate marketing

One of the best ways to earn money is through affiliate marketing. It is not a secret that many companies try to sell as much of their products to the customers as possible. As a result, they recruit people who can help them in their efforts. You can apply for such job to advertise and offer products of a particular company to other people and earn a commission for each sale. In addition, many companies offer affiliate programs, which means that you can for passive earning.

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September 09, 2021