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Human Trafficking Essay: Tips that Expand Your Knowledge on the Burning Issue

Everyone interested in the subject of human rights would know about one of the greatest violations of people’s freedoms – human trafficking. Usually, law and sociology students delve into this burning issue more deeply, trying to explore its causes and consequences. Probably, the human trafficking essay is the very assignment you are struggling with right now. If you cannot find a thought-provoking topic on this matter or you do not know how to carry out relevant research, then our experts will readily help you! In our turn, we created an article full of useful tips you can apply to your future research projects. Additionally, we compiled a list of insightful topics, which will unquestionably instigate your analytical and critical thinking.

Human Trafficking: Disclosing Historical Context and Modern Challenges

Although mankind has been continually trying to reinvent its noble face, not every human deed reveals something to be proud of. Therefore, the grim fact is that human trafficking has existed since times immemorial. In the ancient world, people trading was a common practice. Commercial and sexual exploitation of “less privileged” people increased during the war times, but it did not cease during the times of peace either. The most horrible thing is that in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, slavery was a “normal” state of living for a high percentage of the population. Besides, when a country lost in war, its citizens frequently turned into slaves for the enemy countries. That is how “exotic slavery” was spreading.

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There was an attempt to put down the widespread slavery in the Middle Ages, which was directly related to the Christianization of Europe. At some point, the church succeeded in reducing human trade cases for a while, but it would still severely punish and even murder the ones who would not abide by their rules and adhere to the Christian vision. The situation was even worse in the Islamic world, where slavery flourished almost incessantly. There were also specific Church bans aimed to prevent such trade, but slave owners, even Christian ones, did not stop getting away with it. They mostly committed these vicious acts from non-Christianized territories.

European colonization of the Americas ushered in the renewal of human trade. Again, some individuals considered themselves privileged to have slaves. The main paradox is that slavery did not cease to exist even during the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery when people seemingly became more intellectual and high-minded. Even after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in the 19 th century, the world could not be called irrevocably free. The saddest fact is that human trafficking is a reoccurring problem nowadays. Despite having the Declaration of Human Rights, despite living in a world where connection plays an integral role, this has been evident. There are millions of people without legal identities, who are eminently subjected to kidnapping and exploitation. What makes things even worse is that this problem is a sensitive issue not only in the poorest developing countries. People trade occasionally happens in Western Europe, Australia, and North America.

To raise awareness of this malevolent issue, the United Nations established a special date called The World Day against Trafficking in Persons. The date to remember is 30 July. It helps to promote and protect the rights of all the current and potential victims.


How to Write an Essay on Human Trafficking: Succinct Tips for Beginners

Many students Google a question “What is human trafficking essay?. So, we are ready to give a comprehensive answer. An essay about human trafficking is a compelling many-sided assignment. You can explore so many unknown and relevant aspects, from fundamental human rights to the rates of people trade and exploitation in the contemporary world. This subject is quite extensive, so your collected data ought not to look ambiguous. Thus, you need to follow an all-inclusive plan to make your research paper well-structured and easily read. 

Create a Human Trafficking Essay Outline

The initial stage of your project has to be devoted to collecting human trafficking essays ideas. When you jot down all the necessary information, try to divide it into clusters of the most important ideas and less relevant ones. This way, you will be able to highlight all the appropriate arguments along with evidence. Then, ponder on an approximate outline for your human trafficking argumentative essay to make its draft structure visible. It is effective to briefly outline each separate paragraph.

Let us analyze every single element to help you grasp the basic components of your human trafficking essay.

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Thesis Statement

The main idea of your investigation has to be evident in your human trafficking essay thesis. It has to be embodied by a clearly formulated statement. Its optimal location is at the end of your introductory section. It is wrong to place it at the beginning or even in the middle of the introduction, as you will lose the connection, which has to lead to the thesis revelation. Remember that your body paragraphs have to revolve around the main idea expressed in the thesis, refuting or proving it.

The subsequent three examples of an ultimate thesis statement can help you create your own thoughtful sentences:

“Trafficking people is misconduct not only against certain individuals, but against mankind itself.”

“A trafficked human being can remain a victim of this ill-treatment for life, even after being released, as such a negative experience often turns into serious mental disorder.”

“Efforts taken by the international communities to eradicate the issue of human trafficking have been ineffective in developing countries due to the prevailing corruption.”


As an introductory part has to start with a hook to entice your audience, it is beneficial to focus on the core historical aspects of the issue under analysis, as well as some statistics (you can compare and contrast the levels of this crime in the past and the present times). Your thesis statement, which sheds light on your fundamental discovery, has to be in the last paragraph here.

Main Body

The body paragraphs of your essay on human trafficking need to contain all the relevant data you found in the process of research. Your readers will perceive the mentioned facts as trustworthy ones if you create proper citations to the original sources. Showing your chief argument right after the introduction may prove to be an efficient move. Every single piece of evidence needs to have up-to-date references.


It is wrong to consider a human trafficking essay conclusion a trivial closing part of your work. Besides restating the thesis statement, emphasize the possible ways of the eradication of this problem in the nearest future.


70 Human Trafficking Research Topics That Facilitate Critical Thinking

If you are allowed to choose a specific research topic on your own, you can make use of the 70 human trafficking essay examples created by professional writers and scholars.

1. Human trafficking: the phenomenon of slavery in the contemporary world

2. How human trafficking business continues to flourish despite the international community condemnation

3. The post-traumatic experience of the released human trafficking victims

4. How human rights law can help tackle human trafficking

5. The most effective anti-human traffic campaigns in the European Union

6. Human trafficking and human trade: the thin line of discrepancy

7. Campaigns aimed to launder money contribute to human trafficking obliteration

8. Drawing parallels between domestic and international human trafficking scenarios

9. Cultural factors and stereotypes, which radically enhance human trafficking

10. Disclosing the clients of human trafficking business

11. The correlation between cyber security and human trafficking

12. Cases when a life sentence becomes justifiable for the perpetrators of human trafficking

13. The effects of human trafficking on the well-being of the whole population

14. The operative ways to reduce human trafficking rates

15. Why human traffickers primarily select women and children as their victims?

16. How human trafficking hinders the development of the advanced societies

17. Countries with the highest statistics of human trafficking in the contemporary world

18. A scenario of a society where human trafficking has been completely exterminated

19. Measures local governments should take to reduce the rates of human trafficking

20. How other crimes against humankind are related to human trade

21. The reasons behind unsuccessful approaches of the US government to defeat human trafficking business

22. How human trafficking reminds us of the prevailing social inequality

23. The attainment of a legal identity helps to tackle the human trafficking problem

24. The importance to create new healthcare opportunities for human trafficking victims

25. The worst human trade scenarios: sex trafficking and labor exploitation

26. The unspeakable horrors of human trafficking that should be silenced anymore

27. The preclusion of human trafficking: saving the potential victims

28. Contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, relapse: five stages of human trafficking

29. Poor countries have more intricate organized schemes for human trafficking

30. The history of the greatest human trafficking raid in the United States

31. Tactics of non-governmental organizations aimed to prevent violence and human trade

32. Human trafficking events that resulted in military operations

33. The controversy of staying incessantly connected: how the Internet usage increases human trafficking

34. The most fruitful means of rehabilitation for human exploitation victims

35. Modern distortions of some common historical human trafficking setups

36. Millions of the unprotected identities become victims of mistreatment

37. Ways to stop human trafficking: reality of the humanity progress or a utopian scenario?

38. The interrelation of the unemployment and human trafficking

39. The most outrageous forms of human trading

40. The effects of globalization on the surge in human trafficking

41. How children and adolescents are traded throughout Asian countries

42. How human trafficking turned into a worldwide multi-billion-dollar industry

43. The tortures human traffickers prepare for their sufferers

44. The analysis of children trafficking in Latin America

45. The discrepancy between enslavement and human trafficking

46. Awkward ways cryptocurrency fuels the human trafficking market

47. Human trade and exploitation in the US and China: compare and contrast human trafficking essay

48. The most memorable human trafficking case in one of the American states.

49. Homelessness and human trafficking

50. Legal prosecution against human traffickers and failures of the law

51. How do Chinese police officers react to human trafficking and forced labor?

52. Illegal international adoptions often appear to be human trafficking schemes

53. Cambodia corruption and its direct influence on human trafficking

54. How migration-debt contracts lead to human exploitation

55. The scrutiny of human trade from the viewpoint of the released victim

56. Effective approaches International Organization for Migration invented to prevent human trade

57. Recent history of human trafficking in Haiti

58. Disguised human trade and labor exploitation in North Korea

59. How dubious private banks cooperate with human traffickers

60. The responses to human trade of the countries in the Middle East

61. One of the most horrible cases of human exploitation: child prostitution

62. Lives after being exploited and released: the stories of human trafficking victims

63. How to control foster homes to prevent human trafficking of orphans

64. Human trafficking cases in Eastern Europe

65. The connections between environmental issues and human trafficking

66. Promises of a better life: why people almost consciously become victims of human trade

67. The lack of security on the border between Africa and Europe: the place where human trafficking flourishes

68. How not to become a human trade victim as an immigrant

69. When human trade became the most money-spinning criminal activity

70. The United Nations protocol aimed to track and punish human traffickers

Human Trafficking Movies

You are lucky if your professor allows you to get creative when writing a human trafficking essay. For instance, instead of typical reading through the cases and viewpoints on the topic, you can watch a movie, which highlights this horrendous issue. If you have not found the right movie yet, then pay attention to the following films.

I am Jane Doe (2017) - This documentary talks about the lawsuit against the outrageous website It has been promoting sexual slavery for years. Only after the movie had been privately demonstrated to the Congress authorities, it was blocked by the FBI.

Priceless (2016) - Although being a romantic drama, Priceless, inspired by real-life events, illuminates the problem from a perspective of a traditional transporter, who is not aware of his “spiteful mission”.

Tricked (2013) - A documentary called Tricked sheds light on the fight against human trafficking in American cities. In particular, you will find out about the fruitless attempts of the Denver police squad, which tries to track down the perpetrators.

Girl Model (2011) - One more documentary Girl Model reveals the truth behind the human trafficking markets in Japan. It shows the victim allurement process step by step. The correlation between the people trade industry and the modeling business leaves you astonished.

The Whistleblower (2010) - Our last recommendation is a crime drama The Whistleblower, which also embodies some events
happening in the modern world. It revolves around the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations. The protagonist Katherine Bolkovats discovers an illegal network devoted to the trade of people. Will she try to disclose those organizations and punish the perpetrators? Watch and find out. Also, many interesting facts are divulged about the prevailing corrupt schemes and indifferent attitudes of society.

If you have to write a human trafficking essay based on the freely chosen movie, then surely select some from the above-mentioned list!

Human Trafficking Essay FAQ

  • Why does human trafficking remain a topical issue?

Unfortunately, millions of people are becoming victims of people trading every year. Thus, this problem remains critical, hindering global prosperity and harmony. The more you investigate this burning issue, the more you comprehend its causes and consequences.

  • What are the major causes?

Human trafficking is interrelated with versatile socio-economic, cultural, political, and even religious causes. Less developed environments, where social instability, poverty, and lack of education prevail, are more subjected to this kind of human exploitation.

  • What are the eventual dangers of trading people?

An ultimate danger is mental disability and even life loss of the victims. Human trafficking is one of the forms of slavery. It implies that every exploitation victim is violently deprived of his or her fundamental human rights.

  • How to write a meaningful essay on this issue?

Every reasonable person has to know how to express his or her opinion on this horrible issue of human rights withdrawal. Usually, students compose argumentative essays on this topic. Despite the vulnerability of the issue, you have to stay as objective as possible. Always ground your ideas on facts and evidence.

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