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The Best Research Paper Topics for You

As a student or a professional, you know that everything in writing revolves around research paper topics. At the same time, selecting a topic is probably the most difficult part in writing. It takes so much time and effort to scan what was done before you and what topics were not covered! After all, the success of your paper depends on your ability to choose a topic that is interesting, unusual and new! Here, we have created a list of good research paper topics to help you in writing. Use these easy research paper topics when you sit down to write your paper or project.


When you are struggling to choose a good research topic, you must be sure that it interesting to your reader. You should be able to intrigue the reader. You should also be able to provide new and valuable information. Below are some recommendations for selecting appropriate topics.

  • Choose a topic that fits in your area or specialization. You need to understand what you are writing about, and you can only be sure if the topic of your choice falls into your domain of practice. Besides, you will have easier access to the sources and resources needed in your work.
  • Choose a specific topic. It cannot be ambiguous! You will have to go well into the depth of the subject and understand its meaning; however, your readers will also need to understand its part. So, do not leave any room for confusion
  • Choose an innovative topic. It has to be something brand new! When innovativeness is on the horizon, you will be more motivated to gather evidence and present it to your reader. It will boost your creativity and give you a strong argument when writing the paper.
  • Choose a topic that can be easily researched. Even if you choose an innovative topic that has little information or evidence, you will never surprise your reader. Your task is to produce an extensive piece of writing, and you are definitely in a position to do it right!

Below you will find some of the best research paper topics that will certainly improve your grades!

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. What has Sigmund Freud accomplished for the field of psychology? What is his long-time legacy?
  2. What are the gender implications of psychology research and practice? Are there any gender complexities that are persistently ignored in the psychological and critical analysis processes?
  3. How are culture, gender constructs, and sexual orientation related? What are the main cultural influences on sexual orientation and identification with a certain type of sexuality?
  4. How different are the psychology philosophies of Freud and Jung? What is common among them? How do these commonalities influence the psychology process?
  5. What are the criteria of “normality” in psychology and how do they influence the psychology and thought process?
  6. Review the history of radical treatments in psychology and evidence of their effectiveness (or risks).
  7. How did the concept of human evolve in the course of history? How does it influence the relationships between a psychologist and a client?
  8. How did the public perceptions of dementia and madness evolve with the evolution of culture? How do modern people perceive these disorders?
  9. Is psychology a science? Is it not? What are the main features of science found in psychology?
  10. What are the main factors leading to mental and emotional retardation in children and adolescents? How can psychology help?


History Research Paper Topics

  1. What was the significance of railroad construction in America? How did they change the lives of locals? What is the legacy of the first railroads and what is their meaning today?
  2. When did Salem witch trials happen? What were their causes and consequences? How can they be understood in light of the modern and postmodern culture?
  3. Who was the most powerful leader in the history of Egypt? What are the main criteria or features for judging the power of Egyptian rulers? How did they influence the lives of their incumbents?
  4. Where did the women’s suffrage movement originate? What were its causes? How did the movement for women’s suffrage change the history and culture in America?
  5. What was the main cause of the Cold War between the U.S. and the USSR? How did the events surrounding the Cold War evolve?
  6. What was the impact and legacy of Julius Caesar in Rome? Is this legacy still present and seen today?
  7. What was Joan Arc’s contribution to the historical development of women’s rights? How did a powerful female like Joan Arc change the historical perceptions of female strength and leadership?
  8. What were the common features between the Great Depression and the global recession of 2008-2009? What were the impacts of both?
  9. What were the main reasons Martin Luther King stepped forward to criticize and oppose the Catholic Church? How did his actions influence the image and status of Catholics in America?
  10. When did the epidemic of black plague take place in Europe? What were its deadly effects and consequences? Was it the only instance of a deadly epidemic in the history of Europe?

Social Media Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the role of visuals in designing and using social media? How do visuals impact user perceptions of social media, their attractiveness, usability, and popularity?
  2. How did it happen that social media became an effective instrument of product and services promotion? How do consumers perceive the utility of social media as a strategy for advertising and marketing products and services? How successful have been companies integrating social media into their marketing, production, and advertising campaigns?
  3. Social media dependence (addiction): what does it take to turn a social media user into an addict? What are the signs and symptoms of social media addiction? Are there any evidence-based methods to cure the condition?
  4. How can start-ups benefit from social media? How can social media strengthen the power and position of start-ups? How can one imagine modern start-ups without using social media?
  5. Is it appropriate for parents to oversee their children on social media? What does it take for a parent to limit the amount of time spent by children in front of their computer screens? Where are the ethical boundaries of parental involvement in children’s social media lie?
  6. How are the growth of social media and an increase in cyber bullying correlated? How do social media increase the risks of cyber bullying? Who is the most vulnerable target for cyber bullying in social media?
  7. The politics of social media – how social networks become a powerful agent and instrument for changing political regimes and organizing political revolutions. The story of Egypt and Ukraine in action.
  8. The effects of social media on users’ daily lives and activity. How do social media change the dynamics of social interactions offline?
  9. Why do social media increase the distance between people, setting them apart instead of bringing them together?
  10. Is there any use in social media for people who want to be together but are set to spend their lives in different corners of the world?

Sports Research Paper Topics

  1. Steroids in sports – what are the benefits and dangers of using steroids in sports?
  2. Sports that begin in childhood – what are the advantages of engaging children in sports and athletics, and how often do childhood sports become a matter of professional performance in adulthood?
  3. Is there any role for sports to play in raising decent and responsible youth? What types of sports are best suited to bring up an ethical and competitive generation?
  4. What are the main differences between American and European football? What is the history of both and how do they reflect differences in European and American culture?
  5. If there any way to prevent concussion in sports? What are the riskiest sport activities in terms of head injury and concussion? What does it take to cure the injury and is the prospect of a sports victory worth the risk?
  6. How do crowds distort the meaning of professional sports and athletics? What are the dangers of bringing together thousands of people to watch a live event? Would it be more reasonable to limit the number of live spectators and stream the game live to minimize the risks?
  7. What about nutrition? Nutrition and its critical role in professional sports. The example of gymnastics. What are the nutritional sacrifices that girls and boys have to make to succeed in this type of activity?
  8. The world of the 21 st century has become competitive and commercialized. As a result, many athletes have their sport managers. Is it a worthy endeavor? Why are sport managers better suited than athletes to promote their cause?
  9. What about trans-gender athletes? Should transgender individuals be allowed to participate in professional athletics? What are the criteria to be used to judge their professionalism and excellence?
  10. Corruption and its scope – the world of sports as the place bringing together corrupted officials and individuals who simply want to win. The scope and complexity of corruption scandals in European and American sports. Strategies to minimize the risks and scope of corruptions in professional athletics.


Research Paper Topics Education

  1. What is the percentage of historically black universities in the system of education in the United States? What about their measures of effectiveness? Are historically Black universities better positioned to increase the number of well-performing students than historically white educational institutions?
  2. The role of parents in advancing the literacy and skills of their children. What can parents do to educate their children in the early age, and how do these literacy activities and successes translate into learning and educational excellence later in life?
  3. Bullying at school – a problem that hinders the provision of high-quality education to learners. How bullying reduces learners’ self-esteem and impacts their academic achievements. How teachers and principals can act together to minimize the scope of bullying and violence on the school premises.
  4. Talented children and geniuses – how the system of education can provide a context for growing up a generation of indigo children. Resources that are available to parents and teachers in this sense.
  5. Universal literacy – a new standard of professionalism in the system of education? What is the role of teachers in bringing up children with a high level of literacy? Should parents be actively involved in the process? Why or why not?
  6. How the government is struggling to attract and retain more talented teachers in the system of education. What can the government do to increase the number of teachers in education and ensure their professionalism and commitment to the goals of education and learning?
  7. Dress code in schools and universities – what are the advantages and drawbacks of wearing uniform on the school premises? Why are some parents against of purchasing uniforms for their children? The role of teachers in delivering quality information to parents and other stakeholders.
  8. 8. Multilingual education – is it worth the effort? The advantages and disadvantages of delivering multilingual learning content to students. The limitations of multilingual learning in terms of learning achievements and results. The way children navigate through the challenging landscape of multilingual learning.
  9. Violence and mass shootings in schools – should teachers be allowed to wear concealed guns on the school premises? What is the current level of safety in schools? How can schools prevent the risks of mass shootings? Will concealed guns work as a deterrent against mass violence involving students?
  10. Why is education so expensive, and should it become cheaper? Cost of education as a criterion for choosing the best of the best learners and applicants. Does the tuition paid by learners cover the costs of education delivered to them? Should administrators in the system of education be worried?

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. South Park – a reflection of American authenticity or a kind of cultural absurdity that has become so popular among youth? How does South Park reflect the unique features of the American culture (if any)? Is there any room for sarcasm when it comes to culture?
  2. Gender stereotypes in the developed world – the history of gender divisions in society and their effects on culture and public models of behavior. When gender distinctions become more pervasive, how does the developed world react? Is it possible at all to achieve an ideal state of gender equality in society?
  3. The sociology of virtual reality – a new trend that engages thousands of people who cannot change the reality in which they live but want to experience new impressions and emotions. The role of virtual reality in shaping individual and collective opinions about the world in which they live.
  4. Women who have small children and work – are they better role models for their children than mothers who spend all their time at homes or never work? Is engagement in professional activities a risk to the normal development of children in the first years of their lives?
  5. Feminism and the rights of women – not the same, and not identical. The relationship between feminism and moral decline. The way feminists distort the original message of gender equality in society.
  6. Why monitoring children’s social media activity is a problem rather than advantage. Why parents should not have the right to monitor what their children do online. Why parents should not have the right to monitor their children’s mobile communications. Why children should have the right to protect their privacy online.
  7. Illegal immigration as a social trend and its implications for the socioeconomic and cultural development in society. Immigration with its pros and cons – a social phenomenon that benefits natives?
  8. The real state of gender equality in business and the corporate world: why the glass ceiling still exists and does not disappear. What women do to break the glass ceiling and why society is so reluctant to grant full equality and rights to women as much as they do to men.
  9. Aging as a global population trend and its implications for society. How the growing number of seniors changes the picture of the world and what resources are needed to support the needs of elders.
  10. How does technology contribute to separation and isolation in society? Why does it make so difficult for people to stay together, instead keeping them apart?

Medical Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the pros and cons of prescribing marijuana products to patients? What is the current position of nursing agencies and accreditation organizations such as the Joint Commission? How many states allow prescribing medical marijuana to patients and with what conditions?
  2. What is the evidence of tobacco effects on patients and how can they be prevented? What are the evidence-based methods for smoking cessation used by nurse practitioners and physicians in the healthcare system?
  3. The problem of sleep disorders has become a matter of national concern. What is the epidemiology of sleep disorders, and what are their main causes? What steps are taken nationwide to improve the quality of sleep across different population groups?
  4. The dangers of anti-vaccination movements and the effects of anti-vaccination campaigners on parents. How the public reactions to vaccination debates change and their effects on public health: the case of recent measles outbreaks in the United States.
  5. The risks of artificial tanning outweigh its benefits: how medical practitioners can educate patients about the dangers of extremely “tanned” skin.
  6. Should people who fail to follow the health promotion and disease prevention recommendations of advanced nurse practitioners be deprived of their health insurance benefits?
  7. Why have ketogenic diets become so popular among women? What does evidence say about the safety and effectiveness of these diets?
  8. Aerobic exercises in action – what is the evidence of their effectiveness in weight loss?
  9. What is the amount of time you should spend weekly to maintain normal levels of physical activity and reduce the risks of disease?
  10. Health literacy in action – why many health websites provide misleading information and increase the risks of preventable disease in adults.

Chemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the type of career you would like to make after you graduate with a degree in chemistry? What career opportunities are available to you?
  2. Is there anything in common between religion and chemistry? How do they interact or relate to each other?
  3. Artificial meat is gaining popularity across the world – can all products have chemical substitutes today or any time in the future?
  4. What does chemistry provide to people in terms of discovery and innovation?
  5. Chemistry has been behind some of the most dramatic revolutions – what are the major advancements in chemistry that have changed the way people live?
  6. How does human chemistry change with age?
  7. Describe a prominent scientist or chemist who has changed the lives of people and the way the world operates.
  8. How can chemistry be helpful in promoting the safety and cleanliness of the surrounding reality, e.g. water and air?
  9. What is the chemistry behind food and drug allergies? What chemical elements are implicated in the process?
  10. What is the chemistry of sugar and how does it influence the human body?

Science Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the world doing in terms of renewable energy and what are the benefits of solar power?
  2. Why coal burning is likely to remain the main source of electricity in the coming years?
  3. What is the science of physical activity and its positive effects on the human body?
  4. What are the pros and cons of electric vehicles? Why does the science of electricity fail to translate into cost savings?
  5. Managing solid waste as a matter of scientific development.
  6. Science and technologies as the drivers in the rapid evolution of forensic activities.
  7. Genetic engineers as the future generation of growth and development in the world.
  8. What is the science behind alchemy? Is it possible at all to produce gold out of thin air?
  9. What are the issues facing modern scientists in terms of renewable energy?
  10. Why have scientists failed to turn stem cell research into effective medical practice?

Business Topics for Research Paper

  1. Why sweatshops are ineffective; why they are unethical and dangerous in business.
  2. Why the glass ceiling is a problem for businesses and how they can easily overcome barriers to gender equality and justice.
  3. The risks of diversity in the workplace – what business does not know?
  4. Is good salary enough to keep workers effective and productive?
  5. Why are companies so determinate to prohibit the use of social media in the workplace?
  6. Multigenerational workforce and the problems it creates in business.
  7. How can organizations foster and sustain the spirit of collaboration in the workplace
  8. Corporate law and its dangerous effects on small businesses.
  9. How small companies can manage conflict and negotiations in the workplace.
  10. When discrimination becomes cost-effective – the boundaries of discrimination and diversity in business.

Topic about Technology for Research Paper

  1. What is the role of technologies in building and maintaining effective human relationships?
  2. How have technologies benefited the science and practice of genetic engineering? Is there any future for it?
  3. How can technologies reduce human mortality in healthcare institutions and hospitals? Can technologies prolong human lives?
  4. The role of advanced technologies in changing and improving humans’ reproductive capacity.
  5. When technologies benefit children: how society can turn the advantages of technologies into a learning progress for children and how it can limit the dangers posed by the technological progress.
  6. How do technologies entertain humans? Are they better than human entertainers and what can society do to balance both?
  7. What is the technological world going to be like in the next 10 years?
  8. What is the best technology the human society has ever created?
  9. What is the future of robots in medicine? Can robots replace physicians and surgeons?
  10. Do you think that technologies create an entirely different reality for children, as compared to 10 or 20 years ago? Why or why not?

Art Research Paper Topics

  1. How the Black Square by Malevich could be interpreted by critics in the 21 st century.
  2. Is pornography an art, a science, or a violation of ethics and privacy?
  3. How digital technologies have changed art in the 21 st century.
  4. How abstract art sends a message of complexity to humans.
  5. When Picasso meets Matisse: the art and science of the two giants, and their success.
  6. How personality influences one’s perceptions of art and music.
  7. How technology influences the way people think of and perceive different art forms.
  8. Religion as a source of influence on art and self-expression.
  9. Is abstractionism art or absurdity?
  10. How actors change the way classical literature looks and sounds.

Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the medicines that increase the risks of injury due to falls?
  2. Gentle touch and its effects on premature babies.
  3. Barcode medication administration systems and their safety.
  4. How nurses and physicians communicate.
  5. Breast self-examination and patient education.
  6. Nursing care bundles to reduce the incidence of preventable hospital-acquired infections in adult patients.
  7. The role of compassion in nursing.
  8. Socioeconomic status and healthcare disparities.
  9. Why nursing is still a female profession.
  10. Discrimination and lateral violence in nursing.

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