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PowerPoint Presentation Topics List

When it comes to creating a visually attractive and interesting PowerPoint presentation, you surf on the web searching for the effective PowerPoint presentation topics. No wonder, selecting a good topic, you will be able to turn your writing process into an interesting activity. Choosing a boring and dull topic, most probably, you will not be able to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be interesting to your audience. Moreover, such a topic won`t bring you a high grade. Since there are a lot of disciplines in your academic schedule, it is great to have a structured list of interesting topics for PowerPoint presentations. Paying attention to your needs, we have created the list of presentation PowerPoint presentation topics for college students that will be very useful for those, who take care of their academic performance.

If you experience some difficulties with choosing the right topic, we recommend the following:

  • Do some research. We assure you that you may find a lot of interesting subjects on the web that will help you create a good PowerPoint presentation. When selecting a topic, you need to make sure it is interesting, relevant and rather narrow.
  • Talk to your instructor. If you are not sure if the chosen topic is good, we recommend you address your instructor and ask for advice. Your professor will gladly guide you on your research so that you could select a controversial and intriguing topic.
  • Be interested in your topic. The main secret in choosing a good topic is to select the one that perfectly fits your career interests. The experienced researchers say that the best topics for PowerPoint presentation come from the writer`s personal experience.

PowerPoint Topics for Fun

To make your PowerPoint engaging and exciting, we recommend you look through our list of PowerPoint topics for fun. They are categorized in such a way to help you find the necessary subject easier.


History Presentation Topics

History presentation topics are our favorite ones. What can be more interesting than to dive into ancient history with its culture and customs? Look through the history topics for PowerPoint presentation for students that will help you present multi-faceted research:

  1. Discuss the importance of the French Revolution.
  2. What are the historical features of Sumerian mythology?
  3. Discuss the causes and consequences of the abolition of the slave trade in the US.
  4. What is the role of cultural imperialism in society?
  5. Indicate the main causes of the emergence of the Oriental religion.
  6. Critically evaluate the historical aspects of the educational reforms in the United States.
  7. Describe the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  8. Provide the unknown facts about Michelangelo.
  9. Analyze the main events in the struggle for female rights.
  10. Provide the inspiring stories of the war photographers.
  11. Indicate the historical significance of allowing women to vote.
  12. Evaluate the role of women in war. Provide examples.
  13. Discuss the major events in the history of internet development.
  14. Pick up a corruption scandal in a particular country and discuss it from a historical perspective.
  15. Do you believe that everything that is told in the history textbooks is accurate? Why? Why not?
  16. Discuss famous women in the world`s history.
  17. Compare the development of Ancient Rome and Greece.
  18. What were the consequences of the Vietnam War for the US culture?
  19. Provide some interesting facts from Napoleon`s biography.
  20. Evaluate the historical accuracy of Shindler`s List.

Management Presentation Topics

Management presentation topics should be relevant and up-to-date because nobody wants to learn about outdated concepts. Below, you will find the list of management presentation topics that will help you produce an amazing presentation.

  1. Discuss the key measures for minimizing pollution;
  2. What are the qualities of a good manager?
  3. Discuss the recent theories helping solve conflicts in an organization;
  4. The main challenges in planning in highly populated cities;
  5. Discuss the causes and consequences of academic pressure on a student;
  6. What are the benefits of having good time-management skills?
  7. The role of media in the present-day management field;
  8. What are the effective strategies for managing a startup business?
  9. The role of planning in reaching the long-term goals;
  10. Managing stress: indicate the most efficient techniques.

Technical Topics for Presentation

If you find it difficult to find the efficient technical topics for presentation, look through the list suggested below. We are certain that you will find something that fits your research interests:

  1. Discuss the mechanisms of work of a lie detector;
  2. What are the main benefits and shortcomings of artificial intelligence?
  3. Evaluate the eco-friendly means of transportation;
  4. Do you believe that humanity fully realizes the potential of solar energy?
  5. What are the essential risks of the development of nanotechnology?
  6. In what ways Wi-Fi has improved human lives?
  7. Do you agree with the statement that the internet kills printed media?
  8. What is the impact of advanced technology on the learning process?
  9. How to reduce e-waste on human health?
  10. How creating a digital signature can benefit human life?

Business Presentation Topics

Business presentation topics should cover relevant and interesting business concepts and theories. As well as management presentation topics, business topics should focus on the relevant issues in the contemporary business area:

  1. Discuss all the pros and cons of the family-owned business;
  2. Discuss the mechanisms of creating a franchise;
  3. Analyze freelance careers in the business world;
  4. Workplace diversity: benefits and shortcomings;
  5. The key advantages of e-commerce;
  6. Why outsourcing is a useful strategy in business?
  7. Discuss how to boost the productivity of employees;
  8. Evaluate the importance of telemarketing for small businesses. In what way do the telemarketing strategies may the company`s performance?
  9. Analyze the key headhunting techniques;
  10. How did entrepreneurship evolve?

Psychology Topics for Presentation

Following the students` needs, our skilled psychology experts have created the list of great psychology topics for presentation. Check out this list and you will be able to create an engaging psychology presentation that will bring you the anticipated grade.

  1. What are the cognitive models used in decision making? Provide good examples;
  2. Discuss the basics of self-reflection. How self-reflection can help the individual overcome stress and frustration?
  3. Why there exist differences in reasoning? How to reach consensus?
  4. Discuss gender issues in contemporary society. Do you agree that gender discrimination still exists?
  5. What are the main causes of false memory disorder?
  6. What is the main distinction between stereotypes and prejudices?
  7. Analyze the essential features of social psychology.
  8. Do you agree that video games cause violent behavior in children?
  9. Discuss the psychological reasons for anorexia nervosa.
  10. Identify the psychological aspects of addiction from social networks.

Science Topics for Presentation

A lot of students prefer science topics for presentation because they are very interesting for research. No wonder, by exploring the science topics, one can learn more about the surrounding world. Look through the list of science topics for presentations created by our experienced writers:

  1. Discuss the harmful effects of tobacco use on human health;
  2. Evaluate the role of bioethics in contemporary science. Provide relevant examples;
  3. Discuss the potential risks and threats in cosmetic surgery;
  4. What should people know about DNA?
  5. Dependence and abuse of marijuana. Is legalization a good solution?
  6. Discuss the contribution of famous women in science.
  7. What are the key sleep habits and their influence on human health?
  8. Discuss the key mechanisms of the work of Google and similar websites.
  9. The influence of Yoga on human life;
  10. Is the Bermuda triangle a miracle or a disaster?

5 minute presentation topics

Sometimes, when the students are just required to demonstrate their design skills, they need to look for the 5 minute presentation topics. Choosing the topic from the list provided below, you will be able to create an engaging piece that will bring you a good grade.

  1. Discuss the greatest scientific discoveries in the last few decades;
  2. What is the difference in IQ tests for men and women?
  3. What are the most popular myths about fast food?
  4. Using social media devices in the classroom;
  5. Blogging as the popular tendency in the 21 st century;
  6. Why people should stop watching horror films?
  7. What are the risks and benefits of alternative medicine?
  8. How the students should deal with bullies?
  9. Why physical exercises are useful for human health?
  10. Being single is not a verdict.

We assure you that once you start searching for the good topics for PowerPoint presentation, you will find them on the web. However, keep in mind that to create an awesome presentation, a great topic is not enough. You need to understand the nature of the PowerPoint assignment and try to make your bullet points short but detailed enough. To get a good grade for your presentation, you also need to make it visually attractive for your audience. Do not forget to use the right layout and special effects and you will impress your audience by a professional approach to work!

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