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How to Create a Poster in PowerPoint: Tips from Experts

A difficulty behind how to create a poster in PowerPoint can come up as a result of the overabundance of facts and information in the world nowadays. While some students find it challenging to gather information and find adequate facts, others may be at a loss choosing what information is the most relevant to be included in the paper or presentation. The biggest challenge of creating a PPT poster is that it should be brief and the information that you choose to provide should be concise and logical. Another feature of creating presentations is that an important role is given to images, graphs, diagraphs, tables, and other types of visual aid. An academic poster PPT contains a minimum amount of text or even no text at all. What is even more important, a poster can be an effective means of delivering an idea or message to a huge audience or to a big number of people. Besides, a PPT poster presentation can be used for advertising or the announcement of some ideas or events. You might have probably come across some movie posters and when you remember their way of organization, you would realize that they contain little text but it manages to convey the main meaning to the target audience.

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When it comes to the process of creating a poster in PowerPoint, one should be aware that there exists specific software that enables one to customize the poster, choose a proper format, work on the design, and also adjust the poster for printing. Photoshop and Microsoft Visio are some of the examples that can be used for this purpose. However, if you need a poster more for academic purposes, e.g., when delivering your presentation or speech based on your research, one of the programs that have a user-friendly interface is MS PowerPoint.

If you are interested in creating a poster in PowerPoint, our company`s professional writers will provide you with some tips and guidelines on how to come up with a scientific poster. One of the basic things is to plan the writing process in advance since you will need sufficient time for research, reading, writing, and then designing it. Besides, it is advisable to have some prior experience in creating presentations. If you have no former experience in composing them or if it is hard to communicate a message across in a comprehensive way, remember that you can rely on our custom writers for help.

Before you delve deeper into the principles of creating posters and presentations in PowerPoint, we would like to shed light on some basic principles that make a poster successful.

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Rules of Creating a Poster on PPT

It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules of creating a poster on PPT if you want to create an effective poster.

1. Decide on how many poster sections you would like to have. At the same time, you need to ensure all the basic constituents. Some of the required sections of the academic poster are the following:

  • Title (where you indicate the author`s name and institutional affiliation).
  • Introduction.
  • Aims and objectives.
  • Research problem.
  • Goals to be reached.
  • Methodology.
  • Obtained results and findings.
  • Conclusion.
  • List of references.
  • Acknowledgments.
  • Contact details.

2. Pay attention to the design. Specifically, it is recommended to shift your focus to the following aspects:

  • Overall bright picture. The poster should be easily seen from the distance. It should contain some «hook» that draws the target audience to the main idea or message presented.
  • Color. When choosing colors, make sure they are contrasting and bright. This contrast relates to the one between the background and the text font. The desired overall impression is that the combination of colors is easily seen from a distance and readable. Avoid gratuitous colors or neon colors as they may distract attention from the main message and may not be really appropriate to use in a presentation. When you use some colors in your poster PPT writing, make sure each of them has its own purpose. The color should also play the role of conveying some deeper meaning.


PowerPoint Poster Design

Whereas in regular academic writing assignments much attention is placed on the fluency of writing, when you need to deliver a presentation, you have to ensure an attractive PowerPoint poster design. Some of the main aspects to consider are the following:

  1. Provide the header if it is a required poster attribute. The title should be different from the rest of the text, i.e. it should have a different font, color, and size. The heading should attract the attention of the audience and it should be meaningful so that it is clear what information will be provided below. Make the title brief and concise. Wordy and lengthy titles will not be a good option. The title should be easily spotted from a distance – only in this case, it will be effective.
  2. Provide textual information on your poster PowerPoint. Organize the text you would like to include. The rule that works here best is: less is more, so minimize the amount of text.
  3. Carefully pick an appropriate font. Choose the color and size that would enable the target stead. Never vary font types and sizes throughout the poster either. Such changes in the format may simply distract attention from the main message, idea, or findings you want to convey. However, it may be considered a good idea to have different fonts for the main text and headings.
  4. Place images that you use close to the textual information on the poster. All visual aid should be used logically. When you are placing some pictures, diagrams, tables, etc., it should have some purpose. More so, placing text and images logically close to each other may help readers trace the main point and the logical thread.
  5. When creating a poster on PPT, you need to decide in advance how many segments you will have on it. They need to appear in a chronological or logical order depending on the nature of the research and its purpose. The layout should preferably be vertical since it will be possible for the reader to process the information.
  6. The poster presentation PowerPoint should be brief and clear. On average, a person spends no more than 5 minutes studying the information on the poster. So, keep in mind that the main message should be grasped within three minutes approximately. If the reader cannot reach this understanding, it means that the initial aim has not been successfully reached.

There is a funny KISS principle about making presentations, which sounds like: «Keep It Simple, Stupid.» Frankly speaking, you as a presenter should focus on the following:

  • the main research question/ the central problem;
  • the problem`s significance;
  • how you have managed to address the issue at hand, i.e. what strategies you have used;
  • the types of experiments that you performed (and for what purpose);
  • the results and findings acquired;
  • the conclusions you can make;
  • observations you have found;
  • implications for future research/ findings.

PowerPoint Poster Size

It is essential to clarify what PowerPoint poster size is needed when you are going to organize the design and structure. The size overall varies depending on the purposes. So, if you are preparing a PowerPoint poster for a conference or a meeting, you need to clarify this issue with the organizers and ask them what size or orientation they prefer. If you need to submit an academic poster as a part of your writing home-take assignment, you need to ask your professor about the requirements.

When you want to know the differences between the sizes, check out the following table:

  Height (cm) Width (cm)
A0 118.9 84.1
A1 84.1 59.4
A2 59.4 42.0
A3 42.0 29.7
A4 29.7 21.0
A5 21.0 14.8

As a rule, posters are needed in A0, A1, or A2 sizes.

How to Make a Poster in PPT

Below you will find a concise and step-by-step guide on how to make a poster in PPT. So, if you do not know yet how to create a poster presentation in PowerPoint, check out the following guidelines that were composed by expert writers:

  1. To make poster presentation PowerPoint, you need to be well-versed in the principles of how the MS PowerPoint program works. So, when you open the program, you will see a blank window. Upon the right mouse click, select the «create» option and choose an MS PowerPoint presentation from the list. Or you may click the «start» button and choose «PowerPoint.»
  2. Then create a new slide. To do this, you will have to click «create a slide» on the „Home“ tab.
  3. After you have this blank slide in front of you, it is high time to choose the needed dimensions. Remember that your choice will depend on the purposes of the presentation. Also, keep in mind what distance the poster will be shown from.
  4. Choose the background of the poster. There are already some templates or you may simply choose to fill the background with color. To do it, you will have to open the pop-up menu and select «flush color» in the «background format» tab.
  5. Add pictures. Remember that you have to add pictures only after you collect enough PowerPoint poster ideas. As such, you need to gather images that are relevant to the topic. To insert the picture, you will need to copy it or move to the blank space. The picture can be resized by dragging on its corner. To see the specific size of the picture, right-click it, and choose «size and position.»
  6. Change the color. In case you have figures and you would like to change their color, you can do it easily by opening the context menu and choosing «line color» or «fill» depending on whether you want to change the lines or the very shape. Some of the additional options are to add volume, shadow, or rotation.
  7. Add text. You have prepared the text or your presentation separately and then just copy it into the relevant parts. The text can be added by the «insert» option. You can also add some design to the text by using WordArt. There is a great asset for adding animation. So, here the main thing to remember is to gather PowerPoint ideas before placing the text.
  8. Save the presentation. This is the final point of working on your poster. Click the «office» icon, then choose «save as» and pick the required format. If you need a poster, the JPEG format is recommended.
October 31, 2020