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The technology works to make the lives of human beings more comfortable and sustainable in the changing world. Both in the developed countries and developing ones, technology has a great impact on society. Nowadays, everything is automatic and depends on technology. Technology has been progressive over the years, but its portion of information technology has outgrown it. The production of goods, in all industries, relies on technology. The development of innovations is reliant on technology. The marketing of products, and the communication of ideas and innovations, all rely on technology. The world is riding on technology, in every aspect. Technology is dynamic and in this century is progressing at an alarming rate. The benefits apparent in every sphere of human life should be increasing with time, as technology sustainably, progresses. Some of the sectors that have benefited from technology include transport, health, communication, education, business, and socialization, which form the central focus of this discussion.

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Technologies  Benefits 

Technology has made the world a better place to live than it ever was. Technological advancements have impacted improvement in the services sectors, and the production world, as well as all other places. The technology works to make the lives of human beings more comfortable and sustainable in the changing world. Both in the developed countries and developing ones, technology has a great impact on society. Nowadays, everything is automatic and depends on technology. Technology has been progressive over the years, but its portion of information technology has outgrown it. Information technology cuts across all sectors, regions, and industries, making the transfer of information and data extremely faster. Technology as a whole has impacted human life. This perfect essay will look at the impact of technology in the medical industry, security, and education.

First, considering the most important sector of man, medicine, and healthcare, technology has impacted treatment, drugs, equipment, and research. Medicine and healthcare run on continuous innovation to develop new drugs, treatments, diagnosis and treatment equipment, and even preventative equipment and drugs (Chelsea et al., 2015). Since medicine and healthcare involve human life, innovation is inevitable, as new diseases come up, new cures are inevitable. Also, it is essential to make treatment as efficient as possible, with minimal inconveniences. Technology has played an important role in the research, development, and implementation of new medical equipment, such as minimally-invasive-surgeries, and robotic surgery; also, in the development of drugs and vaccinations, which have improved human health extensively (Chelsea et al., 2015). The diagnosis of cancer has been simple and reliable, with the advent of scans, and technologically fashioned to detect cancerous cells. In medicine, technology is also enabling the use of electronic health records, and other information technology aspects to improve the delivery of services and practitioner-client experience. Technology has introduced better healthcare equipment, more effective drugs, and improved the patient-practitioner relationship. Despite these immense contributions to technology in the health sector, it has led to people experiencing some problems. For instance, some patients react differently to this equipment hence leading to adverse effects on them. More so, the equipment like x-ray can interfere with patients, especially when doctors use it on them routinely. Other doctors have also applied these technological devices wrongly leading to patients losing their lives. Therefore, medical practitioners should use a high level of technical competence and professional diligence in dealing with such devices. Hopefully, this move is likely to prevent further occurrence of such problems. However, it important to acknowledge that these technological devices are vital to resuscitating patients' lives.


Secondly, technology has had a great impact on the business world. Initially, mass production was hectic and erroneous, since it relied on human skills and strength. Automation of production and many other processes in the business sector has seen tremendous growth. The automation of the production process, mostly in manufacturing firms, reduces the costs of production. The human labor force is prone to error, non-uniformity, fatigue and maximum productivity depletion (Hendricks, 2013). Also, people are limited in the number of hours they can be actively productive in a day. The automation of production overcame such as production barriers. The production technology that replaced manual work has no limit in hours of productivity produces uniform units, if required, and reduces the number of employees required. With these benefits, technology has enabled the mass production of different items, for mass consumption. Besides, the business sector is enjoying the benefit of information technology, of a mass audience (Hendricks, 2013). Every business strives to reach the maximum audience of the target customers. With technology, the geographical barriers of communications, no longer hinder businesses, from reaching their customers. The advent of online marketing, e-business, and e-commerce, has empowered businesses, to reach vast potential customers (Hendricks, 2013). Also, the e-businesses, aspect have removed brokers and intermediaries, creating shorter product routes. Technology has made business more efficient and highly profitable, and satisfying, to buyers and sellers. On the other hand, the application of technology in business has impacted the society negatively. Many people have faced retrenchment following the introduction of computer techniques in the business sector. Moreover, many people have used their technological competence to conspire crimes in organizations. Consequently, these entities have experienced losses of different magnitudes. Logically, using technology to commit business fraud has become a common phenomenon. People do perform malicious acts that lead to organizations losing vast sums of money during the business process. As a result, business institutions should apply high control measures in ensuring that they curb the effect of such actions.

Third, the education sector has also reaped unwavering benefits from technology. The use of technology in education takes different forms. Information technology enables students and teachers to access databases of information essential for learning (Nagel, 2010). It has also made researching educational projects efficient. Furthermore, students interact with expansive information, building understanding and personal knowledge (Nagel, 2010). Technology also takes the shape of learning aids in class. With technology, developing learning aids is simple, and the aids, developed are detailed and elaborate. Furthermore, the use of tools such as interactive boards, computers, smartphones, and others, keep students attentive for longer than traditional tools (Nagel, 2010). However, the presence of technology has also influenced learners negatively. For instance, the presence of social network platforms has deprived students of their time to concentrate on their studies. Most of the learners spend their time, especially holidays chatting with others. Such platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp consume most of the students' time. Other students also use technological devices to access some information that affects their commitment to education. For instance, students use mobile phones to date and access pornographic images that can compromise their studies.

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Another significant contribution of technology lies in its ability to enabling socialization. Apparently, people experience different feelings concerning the availability of social platforms. Logically, the existence of technological innovations has guaranteed people the opportunity to interact in many ways (Nissenbaum, 2010). Even though people do not meet physically, they can communicate and reach some understanding. For instance, Facebook allows people to socialize online with no barrier to the place where an individual lives. The technology requires one to access the internet and have devices that support internet application. The number of people interacting through these social media platforms remains surprising. Since there is no geographical barrier, individuals can spend their time interacting with other people from any part of the globe. As a result, many people have had the opportunity to share their problems with both experts and friends while using Facebook. Previously, one could be experiencing a problem, and due to a lack of people to share it with, some ended up committing suicide. However, presently, when people have the opportunity to share such burdens online hence relieving themselves of any negative decision. In fact, the chance to interact with other people online has fostered the way people used to view others, especially on matters tribal and racial. The claim holds since many people can interact on these social media platforms and share much concerning their stereotypes. Other important social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp among others. All these interfaces allow people the opportunity to exchange ideas in different forms. Moreover, some offer private interfaces that allow users to share their secret information. This process explains the rising number of social platform users since many people would like to keep their conversations and other forms of interaction private.

However, the use of social media platforms has impacted society negatively in many ways. The use of this technology has contributed to the cultural erosion that many people witness in society today. People interact with others from cultural background thereby acquiring other individuals' cultures. The areas of cultural behavior that technology has significantly affected include dressing style, eating habits, and marital practices. For instance, the concept of gays and lesbians diffuse, as a result, of the people getting this information on social media platforms. Furthermore, the availability of forms of technology has interfered with learners in many ways. Students spend most of their time chatting online instead of engaging in useful academic affairs. The problem occurs, especially during their holidays. It also exposes kids to pornographic clips and other unrecommended scenes.

Another vital technological contribution is enhancing the communication sector. In fact, no organization can run efficiently without an appropriate communication system (Singh & Raja, 2010). The area of health, business enterprises, and the education department, all depend on the availability of the communication network. Even though people used to pass information by using different mechanisms, the availability of technology has made communication much easier than one can imagine. For instance, the time the message takes to reach the intended recipient has reduced to approximately zero. The availability of the mobile network has facilitated the efficiency and effectiveness with which communication takes place. An example is the application of communication systems in the management. Top managers do not need to call for physical meetings to discuss the business status with their juniors. Instead, they can use such communication mechanisms like teleconferencing in passing this info to the intended recipients. Consequently, this approach leads to cost reduction especially regarding transportation and other related expenses. Also, the number of people who poses communication devices like mobile phones has increased, resulting in the ease of conveying information. However, the technological advancement in the communication sector has also had devastating effects. For example, it has increased the level of crimes in the community involving high-level personnel. People use their communication gadgets like mobile phones and social media platforms to conspire crimes. Logically, people do not need to meet at a given place to organize a crease. They only require mobile phones and internet sources to mastermind the occurrence of any criminal act. This ability has seen many organizations losing millions of dollars, as a result, of people using communication technology to plot the deal. Therefore, the need to control the manner in which people apply their devices for communication proves essential.

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Furthermore, technological advancement has contributed to many people securing employment opportunities in many sectors. Even though none can view the introduction of computers as a process that led to many people losing jobs, they equally created a lot of job opportunities. Pragmatically, every organization uses technology in one way or another. As a result, they require people to handle such devices to enable various operations to take place in the organization. This need has seen many people secure employment opportunities with the aim of operating communication devices and or computers. Another aspect of technology and employment lies in online job opportunities. In fact, people do not need to go to different office locations to secure employment or work as employees. Instead, they search for these companies online and seek for employment with them. This nature of job opportunity enables individuals to work at their convenience. Additionally, online opportunities have ensured that many youths secure employment upon completing their education. One only needs to have a computer and internet with the requisite academic qualifications to secure job opportunities. A vast of young people flood online works which attributed to the advancement of technology. Despite such immense advantages, the exitance of technology also has many adverse effects regarding employment. For instance, it has contributed to many people facing retrenchment. The instruction of the computer system in the organization leads to a reduced number of employees since few people are necessary to operate computers. The online employment also denies people the opportunity to socialize since they perform their job in-house. Working together in an organization allows the employees to meet each other physically hence the chance to socialize. However, working online requires people to remain in isolation without direct interaction with the company or the other employees of the enterprise.

The transport sector has advanced immensely concerning the presence of technology. The advancement in technology has seen increased comfort regarding the way people travel from one place to another (Thomopoulos, Givoni, & Rietveld, 2015). For example, road transport integrates the use of different modes of including cars, buses, and motorbikes. These machines have varying levels of comfort depending on the social and luxurious nature of a person. Therefore, people tend to enjoy their journeys based on their life expectations. The same characteristics apply to marine and air transport. Another contribution of technology in the industry of carriage is the ability to move different commodities from one place to another. For instance, people use water transport to ferry various cargos to their destinations. This step has ensured that the business sector thrives both nationally and internationally. The cross-border business operations prove vital for sovereign states since they allow the flow of goods and services between and among countries. Many countries depend on each other for different reasons, mainly products. However, for these commodities to reach their destinations, technology plays a crucial role. They require land, air, or marine mode of transport. All these rely on the availability of technology to facilitate the process. For example, for landlocked countries, air transport plays a vital role in ensuring that different products reach their required destination. The process seems feasible since the presence of technology has allowed the availability of different airplanes to carry various commodities to their destinations. Moreover, when such goods reach the land, the available vehicles take them to the final consumers. Apparently, one is likely to appreciate the contribution that technology has had in the transport industry. Despite such positive contributions, technological advancement has led to catastrophic events in this sector. Pragmatically, many people have lost their lives following the numerous accidents that occur whether on roads, water, or in the air. In many cases, people have witnessed the plane crashes taking place in different countries. Such accidents claim the lives of many people while leaving behind orphans and widows. The same events happen with water and land modes of transport. It is common to watch news concerning road accidents which do leave people dead or injured differently. Comparatively, marine deaths also occur with boats and tankers sinking in the ocean. The technological application in the transportation industry contributed to people committing crimes of a different nature. Apparently, individuals have used vehicles to raid banks and commit other forms of crimes. The use of vehicles, especially cars in robbing various locations has remained rampant. These criminal acts have led to people losing their lives and properties. Pollution and global warming come, as a result, of the emissions of the greenhouse gasses to the environment. This phenomenon has seen the world experiencing increased disease infections like cancer. Therefore, the need to control the impact of these innovations remains unavoidable. Despite these adverse effects, the advantages of such technology surpass the disadvantages.


In conclusion, Technology is the backbone of all other industries and areas of human life. The production of goods, in all industries, relies on technology. The development of innovations is reliant on technology. The marketing of products, and the communication of ideas and innovations, all rely on technology. The world is riding on technology, in every aspect. Technology is dynamic and in this century is progressing at an alarming rate. The benefits apparent in every sphere of human life should be increasing with time, as technology sustainably, progresses. Technology is a lifesaver, finding ways to sustain the growing human population. Technology is not only about surviving or being alive but also making the world a better place to live and enjoy living in. All the benefits of technology, aim at making human life, longer, sustainable, and worthwhile.

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