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Michael Jackson was a popular singer in America and he was famous all over the world. He wrote songs, was a record producer, an actor and a very talented dancer. Michael was popular as the King of Pop because Michael Jackson put many efforts into the development of pop music and he did not hide the private life. Thus, Michael Jackson became a powerful figure for a long-term period.

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Michael Jackson was born in the family of Joseph and Katherine in Gary (Indiana). One night while Michael was sleeping, Joseph Jackson crept into his room through the window. He had a frightening mask, screamed and roared. Joseph explained his action by the fact that he wanted to teach their children to close the window before going to bed. Four years later, Michael admitted that he suffered from nightmares in which somebody kidnapped him from the bedroom.

Jackson first spoke openly about the humiliation that he had to endure as a child, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. When he was a child, he often cried from loneliness and feelings after talking with her father. Michael Jackson did not feel the support and tried to find it in the music expressing his feelings. Soon, father made him lie that he frightened his brother, he had to live with the feeling of loneliness, and to follow his father's advises.

This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Editors. Michael Jackson Biography. The website.

“Behind the scenes, Joseph Jackson pushed his sons to succeed. He was also reportedly known to become violent with them.”( Editors)

He was the eighth of ten children. Jackson claimed that his father humiliated him mentally and physically. However, he respected the strict discipline of his father, who played a major role in the success of Jackson.

I think that the phenomenon of violence influenced Michael Jackson so much that it was the impulse to express himself in the music. It is important for the creative and talented people to get some emotions, it is like inspiration to create and be an extraordinary person. It is definitely such problems in childhood make people stronger; it teaches us to live and be ready for any difficulties. Michael Jackson was the kind of person who could move on throughout any difficulties in his life.

However, I do not think that Jackson’s father was so bad. He tried to help his children to develop as musicians. Joseph Jackson advised his sons to take part in different musical concerts. At the age of five, Jackson participated in a Christmas concert.

“Believing his sons had talent, he molded them into a musical group in the early 1960s. Michael joined his siblings when he was five, and emerged as the group's lead vocalist.”(Lifetime Editors)

Michael and Marlon joined “The Jacksons” - a group created their brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, playing the congas and tambourine. Jackson later began performing as a backing vocalist and dancer.

In my opinion, Joseph Jackson was not a good father for his children but he cared about the career of his children so that he urged them to act and to unite in a group. Maybe, Jackson’s father wanted to educate boys as real men and that it is why he was so rude, but I do not think that it was the right way. As a rule, such a parent’s behavior costs children many complexes in the future life. However, the idea of creating the music group was a good decision. He believed in such a family project because he knew that his sons were talented persons, and it brought them popularity and success.

This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Huey, Steve. Artist Biography by Steve Huey. Biography & History. AllMusic NetWork.

“With Jones producing, Jackson recorded his first solo album as an adult, Off the Wall. An immaculately crafted set of funky disco-pop, smooth soul, and lush, sentimental pop ballads, Off the Wall made Jackson a star all over again.”(Huey)

To my mind, it was one of the most important albums of Jackson’s life. The solo album was a successful one and it gave him the ability to move on and to develop himself. He saw that he could be successful even as a solo singer. I think it gave him the opportunity to not only sing but to dance in an original way and it made him a very popular singer. The previous experience was not so successful because it was only the beginning of his solo career. When at the age of eight, he and Jermaine became the lead singer, and he renamed the band to The Jackson 5. The band toured the Midwest. They won a local contest, performing hits from Motown Records studio and I Got You (I Feel Good), James Brown and Michael, as the main vocalist.

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I think that the album of The Wall was very successful. At the top of the charts was a disco hit Do not Stop 'til You Get Enough from this album and that brought a lot of money. In addition, we can notice that there were sentimental pop ballads and it was like something new in the world of pop. No doubts, that Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, he brought a lot of new elements in this culture and it was popular to show viewers something that can catch their eyes so Michael Jackson used different videos and dances.

This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Agencies. Michael Jackson, the king of pop thanks to Thriller.

“Michael Jackson, who died Thursday aged 50, was one of the biggest stars in the history of music along with the Beatles and Elvis Presley, thanks in large part to "Thriller," the top-selling album of all time.”(Agencies)

I agree with the information on this source, as the previous albums were better and more interesting than Thriller. However, Michael Jackson sang Thriller at all his world tours. He planned to include this song in the tour The Jacksons Victory1984 year, but by the time of the concert, Jackson could not still mastered it as perfect as he wanted and he did not like the sound of Thriller Live. Michael performed the song regularly during his first solo tour Bad World Tour.

In addition, album Thriller came into history as the most selling album in the world. Thriller gave America nine singles: The Girl Is Mine, Billie Jean, Beat It, Want to Be Starting 'Something', Human Nature, PYT (Pretty Young Thing), Thriller, Baby Be Mine, and The Lady in My Life.

Moreover, I think that Thriller led the Billboard 200 for a long period. For this album, Jackson received seven “Grammy” awards (including the “Best Album of the Year” and was eighth Grammy for the audio recording of the story Alien film of the same name), and seven American Music Awards (the American music awards). The album was announced Guinness World Records' best-selling album of all time. It sold a huge number of copies of the album in the United States, making it the second album sales in the history of America after The Greatest Hits band The Eagles.


I agree with the information on this source, as the previous albums were better and more interesting than Thriller. However, Michael Jackson sang Thriller at all his world tours. He planned to include this song in the tour The Jacksons Victory1984 year, but by the time of the concert, Jackson could not still mastered it as perfect as he wanted and he did not like the sound of Thriller Live. Michael performed the song regularly during his first solo tour Bad World Tour.

This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Barthel, Mike. We Are The World: When Michael Jackson Got Political. The AWL.

“Recorded in January of 1985, the single sold 20 million copies worldwide, a pop phenomenon on a scale unthinkable today. As a song, We Are The World is difficult to defend. But as a cultural event it has almost certainly been undervalued, its treacle melody and trite lyrics obscuring any lessons we might learn from it.” (Barthel)

I think that “We Are the World” is the charity single of the American artists of the USA for Africa. The song calls to unite to help the starving in Africa. Thus, songs, which helped people to unite and understand the problems of another country, brought the house down. It is important for the singer to sing such songs, which give people an understanding of the fact that charity begins at home.

I think that the single We Are the World is the first multi-platinum and the fastest-selling single in the history of popular music of the United States. Composition led to many charts worldwide. People captured the process of recording a song in the studio on videotape. This footage later became video for We Are the World, the world premiere of which took place on the TV channel MTV.

“‘We Are the World’ sold over 20 million copies and won numerous awards, including three Grammys – but the most important number is the money it raised: an unprecedented $63 million for humanitarian aid.”(Miller)

I noticed that the single We Are the World brought success for Michael Jackson. He earned a lot of money and awards and it inspired him to move on. This song advised people to help other people and to be kind to them. Michael Jackson was a kind man and he focused on charity. I think that his career would not so successful if he did not help people. Many people and his fans admire him. He showed that you should remember about other people and you are not alone on this planet.

This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Lewis, Monica. 20 People Who Changed Black Music: Michael Jackson, the Child Star-Turned-Adult Enigma. Miamiherald.

“The 1990s saw Jackson marry and divorce twice - to Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie, and to Debbie Rowe, a dental hygienist. His union with Rowe produced two children, Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson, Jr. and Paris Katherine, both of whom Rowe and Jackson say were conceived naturally.”(Lewis)

I think that the appearance was so important for him that he divorced t Lisa Marie and went to Debbi Rowe looking for the support. During his marriage to Presley and Jackson had a secret relationship with Debbie Rowe, who, as an assistant to a dermatologist, has helped in the treatment of external changes of the skin of the singer caused by vitiligo. While still married to Presley, Jackson made a child Rowe. Thus, they had the problem that they both wanted to solve and they reached this purpose together. However, she suffered a miscarriage. After the ordeal, and completion of the first divorce, Jackson married Rowe in Sydney. She gave birth to his first two children.

There was an interesting fact for me that he released the album Dangerous, and before this album was the release of large-scale premiere video for the single «Black or White». Within five weeks of Black or White, he held the top spot of the charts and became the biggest hit Jackson after Billie Jean. As with the previous ones, with this album it was released seven singles. In addition to the Black or White, they included Remember the Time, In the Closet and Will, You Be There.

This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Mankiewicz, Josch. New details about the 1993 Jackson case.

“The year was 1993, and the biggest star in the world was Michael Jackson. The hit song was Black or White, his universal appeal so powerful that at the Super Bowl, he was the halftime show, his message that children can heal the world beamed to millions.”(Mankiewicz)

To my mind, each Michael Jackson’s song has the enormous power of healing emotionally. He put so much effort into his songs that brought him such an unparalleled and during popularity. Black or White was that kind of song. He lived difficult life, he had many internal conflicts, which he expressed in his songs, and people can find there their own problems. The songs are inspiring, the hit Black or White was something from the heart of Michael Jackson, and that attracts billion of people still. Jackson suggested the idea of a rhythmic track as percussion in the song used a variety of sounds: the sound of a tree, bells, shakers and another sound.

I think it was so popular because there were some African motives and specific sounds and it attracted people to hear that. It was as a part of culture and the guitar intro, sounding full album version was performed Slash, guitarist Guns'n'Roses. Words were written directly in the course of the work, they were calling for racial harmony.

I like the idea of the video. The second part of the video was without the music, in which the singer "is transformed" into a black panther, caused a storm of criticism and was immediately banned on American television - it was deemed too provocative. By the rotation was made only the first half of the movie.


This section of the paper is dedicated to the reference Respers, Lisa. Remembering Michael Jackson on the anniversary of his death. CNN.

“Many have been using social media to share their feelings of love and loss. A constant theme for fans has been that Jackson, who died from an overdose of propofol, will remain forever in the hearts of those who admired him.”(Respers)

In the morning, Conrad Murray injected Michael Jackson the propofol and left him alone. Approximately about 2 hours Murray came back and saw his patient lying on the bed with her eyes wide open and mouth. The doctor tried to revive the singer, but the attempts were not successful. After a short period, it has been registered call to the number 911. Doctors discovered not breathing Jackson; they immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Jackson's attempts to return to life continued for an hour after his arrival at the California Medical Center. These attempts were unsuccessful. Doctors pronounced him dead. The news of his death became public in the first few minutes after the incident. Rumors and news about Michael Jackson's death broke network records, triggering a unique Internet "plug".

I think that the death of Michael Jackson was unpredictable for many people. He was going to have a tour and fans were waiting for this. Many his friends and people with whom he worked said that they did not notice that Michael Jackson was ill because he was active and he had many plans. However, he died and his fans were shocked. Michael was not only a good singer, but he was famous for good deeds, thousands of people can thank him for the life that he presented or extended for them. Hundreds of young people are grateful for that he gave them a chance to realize themselves in this life, paying for their education in schools. The hungry thank him for the bread, which Michael Jackson gave them. How much he spend his funds on conservation of natural resources, reforestation, and much more.

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