How to Critique an Article

Few know how to critique an article properly. However, each of us should read a lot of different papers and articles, especially when we are students. In this case, it is highly important to not only realize all the new materials and facts but also be able to evaluate whether these are established or constructed facts and narrations. However, it is also crucial to do that when you are reading newspapers, since we should think critically every moment. Therefore, we have collected the most useful tips on how to write a critique of an article and offer you this guide on how to do an article critique. Be sure, that this article critique template will allow you to make a good critique essay and boost your skills and knowledge of how to write a critique on an article.

Our guide is straightforward and consists of two parts: how to critique a research article and how to critique a journal article. Let's start.

How to Critique a Research Article

Many students face a lot of problems with the question ‘how to critique a research article’. It happens so because a research article has its own individual structure. Also, there are various types of research articles and the ways we critique them depend on their type. Firstly, we would like to offer you some tips on how to critique a quantitative research article since it is one of the most widespread and a little bit more complicated than others. You should pay attention to such things as the title, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, examples, results, discussion, conclusions, references.


These are the main parts of each article, which you should analyze and include in your critique paper. It is better to analyze the title and the keywords after reading the paper entirely. So, your task is to check whether the title is suitable for the central part of the article and whether the keywords are useful and make your searching easier. These are the few first steps and tips on to how to write a critique paper on a research article. Then, you should make a thorough context analysis concerning materials and methods. Sometimes, it is hard to cope with all different approaches. However, you should remember that the main point is to verify all the elements and used methods. Thus, you will get a good critique essay.

Of course, if you want to write the quantitative research critique, you should pay attention to the examples, research results, and conclusions. Read the text more than one time to be sure you have not missed any vital information. Then try to analyze the article and underline the main point; you should also check whether it suits the title and the keywords. Finally, have a look at the references. It is crucial to have a reliable reference list of books and articles. Therefore, the reference list may become one of the most important parts of your critique paper. However, it depends a lot on the structure and the author.


How to critique a journal article

It seems that you do not have to learn how to critique a journal article if you have already read tips on how to critique a research article. However, as we have mentioned, each type of paper has its own peculiarities. Thus, first of all, let us realize what a journal article is. So, it is a short paper, usually printed in the periodical magazines, newspapers, etc. It should have an eye-catching headline and be topical. The first thing you should do is to check whether the head title suits the central part of the whole article. Often, journalists try to form a very provocative title that has little in common with the main idea of the article. Many independent researchers include this step in their journal article critique. Also, you should always remember how to cite a journal article. A lot of us do in incorrectly. Please, be attentive. The last piece of advice on how to critically appraise a journal article is to switch on your brain for 200 percent. Usually, it is easy to verify all the provided information. Thus, do not lazy, and you will write the best critique paper.

Use these simple tips on how to write a critical paper and become a critical thinker!

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September 18, 2018