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Even though most students will declare that they are very familiar with writing assignments, academic and professional writing has more types and categories than it might seem at the first glance. Not everyone will have to deal with them all, but if you’ve decided to follow an advanced program, become a PhD student or follow a professional path in the world of academia, you’ll eventually get acquainted with an article review. If this has already happened, and you want to get to know how to write a critical review of an article, keep on reading.

How to Write an Article Review

When you try to figure out how to write an article review or any other paper, the first thing you need to learn is self-organization. Before you start tackling writing itself, you should first study the article you’re going to analyze. However, the analysis is just one of four steps that you need to take towards writing an article review paper. The other three include summarization, classification and comparison. Moreover, if you’re working in the scientific sphere, you’ll also have to compose your own database in order to back up your personal findings.


The main reason why the article review format is so popular among scholars is that it is their only way of communication. Once a scientist wants to share his or her findings with the scientific world, the most constructive feedback usually comes from the reviews of his or her published article. Students, though, usually receive this assignment in order to develop critical eye because through learning how to write an article review paper you learn how to analyze things and spot their strengths and weaknesses.

What Is a Review Article?

What is a review article and what does it include? First of all, you must have a short summary of the article, which you’re going to review. Secondly, evaluations and comparisons are impossible without applying your prior knowledge of the topic as well as without considering new theories, research and assumptions. One of the most valuable parts of an article review is its novelty. Analyzing the information, which you’ve received, is only the basis of a paper, because you have to make it your own by bringing it on a completely different level and making it a standout piece of writing by itself.

Research Article Review

There are a few different types of review articles, one of which is a research article review. Unlike a journal article review, which studies the data presented in an article, a research review analyzes the way this data was obtained. This is a rather rare type of an article review so you should be especially mindful in case you get such an assignment.


Article Review Format

Depending on your field of work, you’ll have to learn how to write an article review APA, Chicago or MLA style. You will never get an article review as your first assignment for a new course so you won’t have to worry about picking up the right formatting style. The rule is always the same: APA is used for scientific papers, Chicago for business and MLA for humanities.

Useful Tips

Now we would like to share some insights into how to organize your work with an article review.

  1. Read the article you’re reviewing with a highlighter in hand. If you’re going through a lengthy text, it’s easy to lose track of all things, which you may want to point out in the review later. In order not to let anything important escape your attention, track it with a highlighter already during the first reading. The most vital things to point out are author’s arguments and how he/she defends them.
  2. Always support your words with quotes from the article. For instance, you want to criticize the author for presenting inaccurate data. For the reader to trust you, you need to have a proof for everything that is your own input. The same concerns positive things as well.
  3. At the same time, don’t build your text only on quotes. It has to be your own paper above anything else, so your words have to prevail. It’s a good approach to focus on the specific aspects of the article you’re analyzing to avoid getting overwhelmed with trying to mention everything.

Finally, always check all your papers a few times before handing them in. No one wants to lose precious points because of stupid mistakes.

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September 18, 2018