An Overview of the Capstone Project Proposal

A capstone project proposal is an important part of a course and should be submitted by students before the beginning of a semester. Upon an approval of the proposal, students are enrolled in a course and are able to follow all the necessary academic requirements.

However, if a proposal is not written and approved, graduation may be postponed until the proposal and the course are completed. Therefore, this type of work is a valid component of studies and is needed to evaluate the amount and quality of information gathered by a student, relevancy of a topic, and the scope of data. Moreover, a proposal may be used to find a Capstone Advisor.

What Is a Capstone Project Proposal?

Students are often confused by this assignment. They do not understand how this task differs from a typical research proposal and what is a capstone project proposal. Notably, this type of work incorporates features of a typical research proposal and should include:

  1. A brief description of a project. A description should be around 900-1500 words, typed, and correspond to the APA formatting style.
  2. Structure. A capstone project proposal consists of an introduction, explanation of the main issue, literature review, description of the project, and references.
  3. The future tense. Unlike many other academic papers that are submitted only in the present tense, a capstone proposal requires the use of the future tense.

How to Write a Capstone Project Proposal?

To complete a task successfully and know how to write a capstone project proposal, students may see the information provided below and use it as a specific, student-friendly proposal capstone project help guide. Additionally, a capstone project proposal writing service is available online and may be utilized if any questions arise.
Here is a proper capstone project proposal template:

  1. Introduction. This part should be short, concise, and include information about the proposed project, its importance, and a clear statement of the problem. Recommended length is one-three paragraphs that should not be more than a page.
  2. An overview of the problem. The specific problem, as well as goals for the project, it practical implications, and benefits should be identified. One page is a limit.
  3. Literature review. Discuss relevant sources, how they explain the problem of the project, main approaches, and gaps in research. The part should focus on a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources published within the last 10 years and be no more than 2 pages.
  4. An overview of the project. Describe methodology, add information about elements needed to completion the project, assess the outcome, and analyze possible barriers. The recommended length is 1 page.
  5. References. Include sources that are cited in the proposal.

It is important to use an approved capstone project proposal format (APA). To write the paper, use some of these examples:

  • The project addresses the problem of...
  • My primary goals for the project are....
  • I will discuss these questions by doing ….
  • I will use such methods/strategies as … to evaluate the effect pact of the project.
  • Potential barriers include 1, 2, and 3, and in order to achieve the stated goals, I will ....

Additional Tips

While a student may have many capstone project proposal ideas, it is impossible to describe all of them in the proposal due to the established page limits (3-5 pages). Therefore, a student should adhere to a capstone project proposal outline and focus on the main notions. Remember that a graduate capstone project proposal should be brief, concise, and include a specific purpose. Moreover, a proposal should give a clear understanding of a direction of the work and its implications.

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September 18, 2018