The most reputable seats of learning usually attract applicants with high academic scores. This may lead to admission office focusing on other criteria, communication skills among them. In order to impress the admission officers, you might have to go through three challenging steps – essay, interview, and admission test. Here are some important points about each of them.

  1. Applying for college, work on your personal statement Your personal statement is supposed to make a good first impression. That’s why it should be out of the ordinary. It’s essential for your mini-essay to meet a number of requirements.

    First of all, it must have a structure with logical flow and valid arguments. All statements are supposed to have supporting evidence. Obviously, the text should be free of any kind of errors. Above all, remember to use persuasive language with a positive tone that can affect the reader. Don’t be afraid of showing your personal ideas and values in your personal statement.

  2. Prepare for your admission tests Whether it’s in Europe or the USA, every college applicant might end up in a situation when they have to take admission tests. For instance, over three million students take ACT and SAT exams every year.


These exams aim to test applicant’s various skills. In order to pass the tests with excellence, you have to know exactly what these skills are:

  • focusing on the most important information in a text;
  • comprehending the main points and problems in a text;
  • introducing arguments;
  • presenting personal ideas briefly;
  • following a certain pattern while writing an essay;
  • making conclusions;
  • meeting time requirements and not exceeding limits.

Speak enthusiastically during the interview

This step can be the most daunting because there is no clear interview preparation you can do. Admission officers’ objective is to test your communication skills as well as the ability to discuss various topics.

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Before focusing on your speech and making a good first impression, listen carefully in order to understand what is expected from you. Don’t be in a hurry and speak, confidently supporting your ideas with logical arguments. In case you find it difficult to understand the subject, ask the interviewer for explanation. Finally, make sure to use advanced vocabulary avoiding slang and jargon.

Remember that admission officers are not there to destroy your life and dreams. They are just people doing their job of finding the best future students for their college. With genuine personal statement and basic interview preparation, you can become one of those students.

April 06, 2017