Contrary to popular belief, doing homework and studying are two very dissimilar notions.Homework is just a set of tasks given by the supervisors to be done at home. It is aimed at practicing the new material, strengthening the skills and improving the overall understanding of the topic studied. Studying, in contrast, is the time spent by students on learning the material. It encompasses many activities, ranging from creating flashcards to reading the course book.

Productive Ways to Study

Unfortunately, in their institutions, students don't get to learn how to study, which is why many of them struggle to do it in an effective manner and spend too much time doing the wrong things.

Below are some ways to study, and the instruction on how to create a study plan.

  1. Find a nice and comforting place to study. It is imperative for the surroundings not to distract you from work; otherwise, your productivity will fall dramatically.
  2. Allocate sufficient time for studies. Make a calendar entry and be sure to have substantial time to help you focus and learn as much as possible. Make sure to have well-earned breaks during the learning process.
  3. Bring all (and ONLY) the materials you need for study. Textbooks, flash cards, sheets of paper are the things that will make your study more productive. Avoid using your mobile phone. Also, stay away from the social networks and other websites if you are using a computer.
  4. Be in a good mood! It is a very important aspect of studying. There is nothing to be afraid of in the study process. A positive outlook will make such sessions easier and more productive.
  5. Keep away from procrastination! To create a study plan and successfully execute it, you need to do everything possible to overcome procrastinating.

Time management skills are not easy to master, and procrastination is one of the most serious threats to it. It is worth mentioning that it is much more efficient to break down the studying process into separate shorter sections with resting time in between. This can give you a psychological advantage by taking away the fear of studying as such. Now you see that homework and studying differ a lot. If you want to achieve academic success, learn proper time management for students and follow these simple tips. Good luck!

September 20, 2016