Whether it is adding new friends on Facebook or creating a profile on Instagram, social platforms are the indispensable part of each student’s life. So, while studying at the university, students encounter the influence of social media on their way of life.

Social Media Ruining Lives

How does social media affect society? You may think that it has no impact but, in fact, most of the information, varying from home assignments to parties, is online. So, it is impossible to be aware of all the events without having a Facebook profile. Despite such an advantage, social media has its disadvantages too.

Firstly, social websites may become a serious obstacle to entertainment. Instead of dancing all night long, you are obsessed with taking myriads of selfies in order to post the pics on Instagram. Such showing off online indicates that an individual who seems successful on Facebook or Instagram is lonely and isolated in real life.

Secondly, even if you have a whale of a time, subconsciously you compare yourself with the acquaintances from your timeline. People tend to jump to conclusions, stating that if there is little information about one’s time at the university on Facebook, he/she is probably down in the dumps. In such case, Facebook appears to be an indicator of someone’s happiness and achievements. According to German research, envy triggered by surfing your friends’ profiles may ruin satisfaction from life.

Although Facebook may serve as a tool of expressing thoughts and feelings for a shy and modest person, at the same time positive online self-presentation of one person can lead to self-criticism of another person. That is related to the fact that we tend to be impressionable. If you still inquire how social media affects relationships, consider the following fact. One out of five companies refuses a job application due to the applicant’s profile on social media. In such a way, social platforms may have a detrimental effect on the future life of an individual. Even though each of us is a little bit addicted to the social media, we have to make the most of life. It is a bright idea to put away a smartphone and enter a magnificent world, which is full of adventures.

November 07, 2016