College is an unforgettable time when you have an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with new people. Some of the students do not miss any chance to strike up a friendship while others do not have enough courage to involve in a conversation. There is nothing out-of-ordinary if you feel shy or nervous trying to approach other people. Particularly, that happens in the first semester, but the following pieces of advice will help you develop social skills and overcome your timidity.

How to Overcome Shyness

College life offers a wide range of student organizations, which you can join to meet people with common interests. It is a good way to overcome shyness since you will be more confident if you are aware of the fact that other students share your enthusiasm. Consequently, the keen interest facilitates the process of communication.

The next step that contributes to the development of relationships between your classmates and you is attention. Take a reasonable notice of your classmates’ clothing, models of their smartphones, and topics of their conversations. If it turns out that one of your peers has a phone cover with Captain America on it, and you are also his big fan, tell your classmate about it. In case your new acquaintance is fond of dogs or cats, be curious about his/her pet. Consequently, noticing peculiar facts about your classmates will help develop social skills and break the barrier between your peers and you. In such a way, college life turns into an enormous pleasure.

Compliments are also a successful demonstration of your pleasant attitude towards other people. Undoubtedly, each person would not mind hearing compliments on his/her new hairstyle or successful presentation. Do not feel awkward to give your classmates compliments. Charming remarks will both leave a long lasting impression on a person and help you overcome shyness.
Timidity may become a serious obstacle to forging relationships with your classmates. However, considering these tips will help you engage in a conversation and overcome your fear.

January 12, 2017