College is full of love affairs. I do not believe there is a single person who has not fallen in love during studentship. Sure, that does not necessary mean that all of those people were lucky enough to enter a relationship, but you know, unrequited love is still love. Who knows, maybe the people, who agonized over being single in college, become the winners, not those who got together but broke up immediately upon graduation? Cause, let us be honest, seldom do those college sweethearts stay together. The thing is that there is always the other side of the coin and college love life is no exception.

Things That Hinder College Students Romance

Dating in college is fun, but it cannot withstand a real world unless both of you want similar things from life. While in college, everything is clear (you attend a class, make out at the movies, or just hang out together), it gets a bit more complicated after graduation.

  • First, you might end up living in different cities, which means you will have to handle a long distance. And, no matter how hard you try, in the majority of cases, the end of the relationship is inevitable.
  • Of course, you may be so very much in love that you decide to move in together. But doesn’t it mean that someone will have to sacrifice his/her career prospects or whatever else he/she has in mind? It may seem like an expression of a selfless love, but usually it does not end well.
  • Suppose, you DO move in together after dating in college, not only because it is the only option, but both of you see your future in that particular city. Still, there is a chance that your partner's habits are incompatible with yours. It is one thing when you are doing sleepovers in college, but a completely different situation when you start fighting over the dirty dishes. Needless to say, daily routines only induce the end of relationship.

So, if your love story did not have a happy-end, it is just not over yet.

November 30, 2016