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How to Write an Interview Essay Strikingly

Taking into account the fact that only 4 out of 6 applicants who send their resumes get an invitation to the interview and only one applicant is selected, one must know for sure how to write an interview essay effectively.

An interview essay is an opportunity to make a positive impression on the members of the selection committee, teachers, etc. This guideline covers the most widespread types of essay writing for an interview, as well as handy tips from top writers.

How to write an interview paper?

To grasp how to write an interview paper with fascinating results, one should define the subject of the paper. A topic of an interview essay is absolutely different from other college topics, since your focus of attention is on a person you want to interview. Having decided on a topic, carry out research and think of a person who will help you to collect as much information as possible via conversation. In case of a scientific subject, this person should be an authority in a field of science you are researching. However, if your essay has a narrative form, you can ask anybody. Still, it is advisable to pick a person with vast life experience. Remember, that if you do not have juicy gossips to offer, your target person can refuse to answer your questions, and field authorities can consider it beneath them. Fortunately, your family will always lend you a helping hand in such assignments.


Before starting your paper, take into account the following issues:

  • Subject of an interview
  • List of questions
  • Interview essay format (narrative, career, questions-answers, etc.)
  • Location & date

Top 8 tips for crafting a top-notch interview essay:

  1. Choose a topic, which is related to your professional focus of interest.
  2. Define the subject of discussion after choosing the topic.
  3. Engage all available sources of information.
  4. Comprise a list of relevant questions observing a formal style.
  5. Make the arrangement about the date, time, and location, which suits the interviewed person.
  6. Jot down key information during the entire meeting
  7. Write an essay on the grounds of the information you derived. 
  8. Proofread and edit your work.

Narrative interview essay APA format

When preparing a list of questions to ask, you should stick to a narrative interview essay APA format. Basically, you have two options. You can sum up everything that you have found out about the interviewed person in a narrative style, or you can organize everything in a questions-answers format. Either way, you must write an eye-catching and inviting introduction, a body with a good structure, and a powerful conclusion, which will prompt the reader to research the topic. A narrative interview essay example may help in reorganizing the questions-answers draft into a descriptive essay.


Leadership Essay

Do you wish to dwell on a leadership topic? The best option to write an engaging paper is to find a prosperous businessperson and ask a few compelling questions. Mind that people of such caliber are pressed for time. Stick to the outline and make detailed notes during the talk (meeting face to face is the best way to interview such people; you can also make use of Skype/Viber calls, etc.) Conducting an interview by means of a correspondence is not the best option, as you never know whether your target person is responding to you – it can be someone else if he/she is not available.

On the grounds of the collected information, create a logical outline. In our interview essay example, you can add this information:

  1. Leadership definition
  2. Social leadership vs. Business leadership
  3. Tests, which will help in measuring the level of personal leadership


Pick three main points, which you will use during an interview, and which will serve as the body of your essay. The outline is based on these three main ideas. To make the writing process easier, create a timeline, covering the main facts & events that relate to your person of interest:

  • Infant Period
  • Childhood
  • Student's life
  • Marital life
  • Golden Age

Explain why you opted for this specific person as the subject of your essay writing for an interview (what makes him/her so interesting and how he/she contributed to the topic of your essay).

Now you know how to write an interview essay strikingly!

November 28, 2018