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These tips can help you learn how to write a memo step by step. A memo is a document, in which the essence of the question is stated, or one side reminds the other side of the fulfillment of a promise or demands to fulfill something. Most often, the subjects of the memorandum are important issues that cannot be resolved without the consent of both parties.

In the framework of trade relations, a memo is a document that reminds of some financial obligations or certain obligations under the concluded agreement. An insurance policy may have a memorandum as a supplement, a document that lists the circumstances, in which insurance payments will not be made, and reveals their essence. The investment memorandum (as a kind of legal documents) contains valuable information for potential investors. That is, it may be any document that gives a specific person or company explanations on any issue of legal orientation. Thus, a fairly wide range of legal documents that are used in various fields of activity falls under the concept of a memorandum.

Effective Memo Apa Format

How to create an effective memo APA format? There are a few main components of the structure. The introductory part contains information about the actual side of the issue, as well as in general terms reveals the essence of the document.

The main part indicates what the document itself is and gives a detailed legal analysis and assessment of the problem and the tasks set in the introductory part. References to specific laws and their articles should be presented here (of course, it is better not to neglect the importance and the need to refer to the norms of the law, but at the same time it will be difficult to understand the text, which is overloaded with endless names of laws and listing of articles). The best option would be to mention them in footnotes.


A warning about the consequences of a solution of a problem must be identified in the main part of an objective. This paragraph is focused on an intelligible explanation of the consequences of not solving the problem, as well as the options and best ways to solve it. It will be better to refrain from the subjective (personal) perception of the problem and provide the best solution. A lawyer who is working on a memo should propose a mechanism for solving the issue, which will be optimal for the client in the current situation.

How To End a Memo

How to end a memo? You need to write conclusions (or thesis conclusions). The memorandum can be used by a particular company or working group. Unlike an ordinary business letter, the memo is less formal and shorter. Greetings and final wishes are usually absent. It is also worth noting that the memorandum has its own formatting specifics.

The Purpose of The Memo and The Audience Analysis

Usually, the memorandum informs about the changes or offers to take part in something. The most effective memo associates the author’s goals with the interests of the addressees. Everyone has the right to write memorandums, from junior performers to the heads of companies. Usually, the memo is written for colleagues, but sometimes it can be created for employees of other departments or even companies engaged in a common project. When writing such a document, it is important to take into account what information the addressees already possess, and what they need to convey.

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Before you start writing a memo, think about your audience. The document must be sufficiently readable and easily understandable to everyone. It is worthwhile to make sure that you know the people to whom you address this paper. Never start writing a memorandum without imagining the audience. You should give a detailed legal assessment, with a set of conclusions. When drafting a memo, it is always necessary to be within the framework of the indicated problem. Observe the memorandum format. The meaning of the text should be clear to everyone. If the document has attachments, be sure to report about them. Use business style, speak from the first person, use simple and understandable words, and be informal within acceptable limits.

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