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In order to know how to write a film critique essay, read these useful tips. The main thing in the film analysis paper is the opinion of the author; it should be independent. Tell the audience about your impressions and feelings that you felt after watching the movie.

How to Write a Movie Critique Essay 

How to write a movie critique essay? If you are trying to find an answer to this question, look at this list of the main film analysis essay writing stages.

Watch a film. You need to watch the movie very attentively. Try to understand the storyline, the outline, and grasp the main things that the film director wanted to convey to the audience. Pay attention to the acting ensemble, whether it is balanced. Evaluate costumes, scenery, entourage, correspondence to the era, for historical films, battle scenes; pay attention to the special effects, their relevance and artistry. Pay attention to camera work (whether there are panoramic shots, close-up shots, in perspective (from an awkward position), in extreme conditions). Try to understand what one or another character is, what they live for, what is dear to them, imagine yourself in their place and how you would personally act in this or that situation. Try to understand the meaning of the final scene.


How to Critique a Film

Learn more about the director to know how to critique a film properly. Explore where he or she was born, study interesting facts about his or her biography. If the list of films made by the director includes those that you watched before, compare the movie with other director’s works. View the filmography of famous actors involved in the film. Determine the place of the role in this movie in the creative biography of the actor. Read other movie analysis essays about this picture.

The Main Principles of Critique Format

The impulse to create an evaluation essay on a movie is always the need to express your attitude to what was viewed; it is an attempt to understand your impressions caused by the film, but based on your knowledge in the theory of cinema and on a detailed analysis of the work. The reviewer should thoroughly substantiate his or her opinion with a deep and reasoned analysis with the film critique elements. 

How to Analyze a Film

The quality of the analysis depends on the theoretical and professional skills of the writer, his or her depth of understanding of the subject, and on the ability to think objectively. How to analyze a movie?


The relationship between the reviewer and the author is a creative dialogue with the equal position of the parties. The author manifests his or her opinion openly in order to influence the reader rationally, logically and emotionally. Therefore, the reviewer uses language tools that combine the functions of naming and evaluation, bookish and colloquial words and constructions. Criticism does not study cinema but judges it in order to form the public attitude toward one or another director, actors, and movies.

The Structure of a Film Critique

When writing a review, you must remember that a detailed retelling reduces the value of the review. First, it will not be interesting to watch the film itself; secondly, one of the criteria for a weak critical essay is considered to be the substitution of the analysis and interpretation of the plot by its retelling. It is important to evaluate the language of the film, to make out the images and artistic techniques that the film director uses in the picture, and to think about what his or her individual, unique style is about, how this author differs from others. It is necessary to understand what topic the review is written on. If the analytical essay structure is written based on a movie, which was created according to the book, you need to remember what you must write. Tell the readers about who the scriptwriter is, compare the director's ideas with the literary work, mark the play of actors, scenery, and music. Now you are familiar with useful recommendations that will help you understand how to write a critical analysis essay. This knowledge and skills will help you become a good writer and be successful in college.

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November 23, 2018