When freshmen say goodbye to their loved ones and hello to their colleges and new roommates, their lifestyle changes cardinally: difficult classes, shared rooms, parties, etc. Numerous distractions, newfound freedoms and slowing metabolism are reasons for which many students become less healthy and perhaps gain their weight. Due to regular exercises and healthy food, you can stay fit easily. Below, you will find several tips to do this.

Creating a Schedule as One Way of Staying Fit in College

Make a fitness plan at the beginning of your academic year. Do not just think about physical activity and health, start doing something. You should examine your first-semester course and determine exactly when you will have workouts.

Join a Club

If you find friends who are also interested in physical activity and health, you can have regular joint exercises. Doing any kind of team activity is very powerful, and it is one of the ways to make new friends. When you are freshmen, you are looking for a place to belong to, so having a team will let you feel more supported.

Sign up for an Intramural Sport

If you like to go a different route, try to sign up for an intramural sport. It is a good chance to communicate with classmates and try various sports, such as dodge ball, disc golf, or flag football. Besides, when there is a league-organized game schedule, you can easily plan your fitness schedule.

Take Part in the Dorm Workouts

Ideally, it is supposed that students get out of their living quarters to exercise – go to the gym or pool, be on a bike path, etc. However, when the weather is bad and the study schedules are crammed, it is not always possible. To work out in small spaces, like your dorm room, try to use a resistance band. It lets you do anything – bicep curls, bicep extensions, lunges, squats, or whatever.

One more great way to work your muscles is a stability ball. You can have workouts while sitting on the round surface, as it requires balance. If you sit in front of your computer on the ball instead of the chair, you are working on your core.

Walk the Campus

In addition to sticking to your fitness schedule, try to walk as much as you can. Whenever it is possible, forget about getting to classes or campuses by bus, and walk instead. Also, take the stairs everywhere it is possible instead of the elevators.

October 17, 2016