Sometimes unfortunate circumstances make sports heroes retire and leave their dreams because of common sports injuries. The following greatest sports careers destructions contain enough proofs.

Sports Injuries List

10. Terrell Davis

Injuries: arthroscopic surgery on both knees, torn right ACL and MCL, stress reaction in a lower left leg

Terrell Davis contributed to the history of NFL during his career. He lost his unique explosiveness and strength after he broke his knee in ’99 season. He went through microscopic surgery and had to quit his career in 2002.

9. Brandon Roy

Injuries: lack of cartilage between bones in both knees, meniscus tear in right knee, arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees

Brandon Roy was a very explosive and speedy player, but his injuries prevented him from reaching the highest peak of success. Roy's NBA success was darkened with arthroscopic surgery on the left knee and a meniscus tear in the right knee.

8. Penny Hardaway

Injuries: Microfracture knee surgery, four left knee surgeries

Anfernee Hardaway instantly influenced the world of sports until he faced one of the common sports injuries. His first major knee injury happened in 1997. Hardaway became a serviceable player for the Suns and the Knicks.

7. Sandy Koufax

Injury: Arthritic elbow

Koufax had to suffer during the first years of the career. He was the one to win three Cy Youngs and five championships. He had to dream about an injury recovery and play in pain in his arm for the last couple years of his career until he had to quit.

6. Grant Hill

Injury: Broken ankle

Grant had everything to become a legend. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle in 2000. Hill had to slow down his career development.

5. Tony Conigliaro

Injuries: linear fracture of left cheekbone, dislocated jaw, left retina damage

Tony holds the record for the greatest number of home runs made by a teenager in US baseball. Unfortunately, in the accident in ’67, he broke his cheekbone and had an eye severely damaged. He had a total injury recovery, but he had to retire because of sight problems.

4. Monica Seles

Injury: Stabbed in the back

In 1993, Monica Seles was the best tennis player among women. During a match vs. Magdalena, Maleeva, an aggressive fan, ran onto the court and stabbed Seles. She didn’t get many injuries, but couldn’t continue her career on psychological matters.

3. Ralph Sampson

Injuries: Surgery on both knees, back problems

Ralph Sampson was a legend. He would've become even more if he could stay healthy.

2. Gale Sayers

Injuries: Torn ligaments in the right knee, torn cartilage

Gale Sayers had enough achievements to make him the youngest player in the NFL Hall of Fame at the age of 34. Sadly, his right knee was badly damaged in 1968, and his left knee was injured the following year.

1. Maurice Stokes

Injury: Post-traumatic encephalopathy

Maurice Stokes was ready to change the game during his play in Rochester/Cincinnati Royals. During ’58 Season, Stokes accidently hit his head during the play. He went into a coma and was permanently paralyzed as soon as he woke up.

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January 17, 2017