The most effective way of entertainment within a dull day with even more gloomy mood is to watch a comedy serial. Who does not know past top comedy movies “Friends” or “Sex in the City.” I bet on that once they improved sad days and even weeks for everyone on the Earth. Unfortunately, their era finished in 2004 for “Friends” and in 2006 for “Sex in the City” with the last episodes. Funny, reality-close short episodes are not forgotten today, but there should be something new worth watching. I have found 3 top comedy movies for you. Catch them!

3 Best TV Comedies

“How I Met Your Mother”

This American sitcom was aired from 2005 till 2014, and at the beginning it was compared to “Friends”. Is it bad? No way, because it gives us a new hope for the relaxed evening in front of the monitors. The action takes place in the Manhattan in 2029. The main hero, Ted Mosby, recounts to his son and daughter how he had met their mother. The plot is full of comedy moments, but it also contains more serious scenes, such as break-ups, deaths, and career ups and downs. The most talented comedy actors are among the cast. The creators, Crag Thomas and Carter Bays, are old friends who recall many stupid things they did together through their characters.


The serial for youth with the unique storyline and emphasis on pop culture was aired since 2009 till 2015. Its creator, Dan Harmon, based the plot on his experiences from studying in community college. Effective and structured storytelling and many metaphors and pop culture references capture young viewers at once.

“The Middle”

It is a family sitcom, which makes everyone laugh out after the hard day. The main characters are the middle-class family with three children who differ in characters and manners. They all struggle with the unstable economic climate in Indiana. The show started in 2009 and continues to head the golden age of television till now. The creators are Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline. Do not miss it!

Contemporary cinematography and TV will not leave you alone. Top comedy movies are always on hand to support, inspire, and entertain. Find relief from busy everyday routine in watching them!

October 11, 2016