Sightseeing in the USA implies visiting places created by people. Imagine that you are on a tour, say, in NY. There`s no way a guided tour won`t include visiting the Empire State Building or a Metropolitan Museum. However, apart from the elaborately designed architecture, exquisite museum exhibitions, and whatever else can be a tourist attraction, hardly anything can compare with the natural wonders. That is why this article focuses on the places that occurred naturally without the involvement of human work, but this fact doesn`t diminish their worth.

Check Out the Best Vacation Places in the USA

The diversity of American landscapes is a real treat for the seasoned travelers. Be it Texan desserts or Alaskan mountains, you`ll definitely find something to your own taste in the vast variety of holiday destinations.

  • Alaska. Splendid north light is not the only reason why Alaska belongs to the list of the most beautiful places to visit. It is also the possibility to see the Mendenhall Glacier Caves that makes people travel across America in pursuit of breathtaking views.

    Mendenhall Glacier Caves.jpg

    Mendenhall Glacier Caves

  • Arizona. With the astonishing valleys of the Antelope Canyon, fascinating view from the Horseshoe Bend, and rich color palette of The Wave, it comes as no great surprise that Arizona became one of the most popular holiday destinations.

    Antelope Canyon.jpg

    Antelope Canyon

    Horseshoe Bend.jpg

    Horseshoe Bend

    The Wave.jpg

    The Wave

  • California. Have you ever wondered how it feels to walk through the magical forest, like the one in Harry Potter movies? Well, Yosemite Valleyin California with its pine forest is just the place to find out.

    Yosemite Valley.jpg

    Yosemite Valley

  • Utah. Sure enough, the geological formations occurred as a result of erosion, but once you see the Bryce Canyon with its magnificent amphitheaters, you’ll think that it`s nothing else but an aliens` handiwork.

    Bryce Canyone.jpg 

    Bryce Canyon

  • New York. I think everyone has seen pictures of the Niagara Fallsgiven that it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions. Despite the fact that it may be a bit too overcrowded, it is surely a must-see spot.

    Niagara Falls, NY.jpg

    Niagara Falls, NY

This is just a small enumeration of places that are worth tourists` attention. There are many more beautiful places to visit! Pick up a map and choose a destination for your next vacation.

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February 08, 2017