As any other new life experience, going to college can be extremely frustrating. It evokes the whole range of emotions, from eager anticipation to deep anxiety. Embarking on the journey to your new life can make you feel dizzy, but it does not necessarily mean you are not ready for it. It is just like when you get on a plane and start wondering if you turned off the iron and locked the front, starting college may seem like you have missed something important, made a mistake and it is not for you at all. Funny enough, it only proves that you are more prepared than you could imagine.

Ways That Show You Did Well Getting Ready for College

Logistics. There is no need to be nervous for college provided all the arrangements have been made regarding your tuition fee and accommodation.

Acquaintances. You have probably already met your roommate or made friends with some other freshmen. In that case, you have someone to chat with, which makes the new college experience less stressful.

Skills. The fact that you have graduated from high school and been admitted to the university means that you possess a certain level of intelligence and skills; that is why you should not feel nervous for college, especially concerning academic performance.

Neighborhood. It is easier to adjust to a new college experience once you are familiar with the campus and surrounding area. Given that you have explored the premises and found where they serve the best coffee, it is going to feel like home.

Support. You are just moving to another home, it is not the end of the world. There are still weekends and holidays to be spent with your dear ones, not to mention getting in touch via social media. Really, you will not even notice their absence.

If you feel nervous for college, take a deep breath, count to ten, and read this list. Imagine you are on a plane. The iron is turned off and the front door is locked. Everything is in order and you are ready to take off. Have a nice journey!

December 13, 2016