Freshman year is a challenging and scary period in students’ life. Here are some pieces of advice on how to avoid making a fool out of yourself during the freshman year.

Freshman Survival Guide

  1. Call your parents and close friends

    Your parents will be worried about you, so don’t forget to call them regularly. If you have school-related problems or you don’t know how to settle your high school relationships, your best friends and parents will help you to find the way, so call them whenever you need it

  2. Don't settle down too fast

    First college party is not the only chance to meet new people. College will let you go through many relationships and settling down at once may prevent you from making friends with everyone you want. Remember how you thought your high school relationships were meant to last forever? The same can happen here. Just take it slowly and see where the life will get you.

  3. Look for discounts

    Don’t spend too much on in-store products. Learn how to spend less with online options. Such websites as have discounts on hundreds of brands. Use your money wisely.

  4. Realize your main responsibility

    If you find it challenging to study, there are places where you can get help. You can talk to professors or teaching assistants, go to the writing center or the math center depending on your problem.

  5. Respect others

    Sharing bathroom and other common places is a college routine. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself. Respect the work of others and try to keep the room clean before you leave it.

  6. Sign up for clubs according to your interests

    Sign up for those clubs you find interesting. Otherwise, you’ll have your e-mail box bombarded with dozens of messages. Clubs can help to meet new friends and make important connections.

  7. Understand education requirements

    Teachers expect you to understand your primary responsibility which is to study. You need to learn how to motivate yourself to attend lectures. If you skip classes, you will hurt your reputation.

  8. Don’t wear your welcome week t-shirt too often

    Your orientation week is most likely to bring you a bunch of welcome t-shirts. Don’t wear them too often or you will end up being a freshman fool.

  9. Don’t try to get a fake I.D.

    If you try to get a fake I.D., you are most likely to have it taken away and get rejected at the party entrance. Trying to get in with a fake I.D. will make you a fool in the eyes of your peers.

  10. Know the location of the buildings you need beforehand.

    Prepare to find it challenging to get to your lectures. In your free time, explore the map and find every building you need to attend the next day. Don’t give others a reason to laugh at you. Hope that having read these tips you don’t feel scared of your freshman year. Have fun and take care!

September 28, 2016