How Does the College Admission Process Go?

College Admission Process September 20, 2016

Some time ago, I used to work with admissions officers and now I am going to debunk several misapprehensions and explain what applicants should do to get to college. There definitely is a difference between how you imagine students' applications are evaluated and what actually happens behind the scenes. Applying for College: how Applications are Read The image: A spectacled director of admissions with the beard and gray hair sits in his posh office and unhurriedly reads students' applications. He experiences different emotions while reading all those paper...

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Study Tips for College Students

Study Tips for College Students September 20, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, doing homework and studying are two very dissimilar notions.Homework is just a set of tasks given by the supervisors to be done at home. It is aimed at practicing the new material, strengthening the skills and improving the overall understanding of the topic studied. Studying, in contrast, is the time spent by students on learning the material. It encompasses many activities, ranging from creating flashcards to reading the course book. Productive Ways to Study Unfortunately, in their institutions, students don't get to learn how to study, which ...

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